Monday, March 26, 2012

Paleo Challenge v3! Week 1

I started my third Paleo challenge today, sponsored by Level 4 Crossfit...the day started off strong but decayed quickly.

Breakfast was sauteed onions and peppers in a three egg scramble. Washed down by a glass of kale-cucumber-celery-lemon-apple juice, made last night in our juicer.
Lunch I went out to Cactus, the mexican place in our building. I had water, which was good, and got a goat cheese queso fundido, hold the tortillas as an appetizer. It appears though that the goat cheese queso fundido was a little goat cheese and a lot of cow cheese, which left me with stomach trouble throughout the after noon. For lunch I had fajitas, hold the tortillas, beans and rice, which really meant sizzling steak with some caramelized onions, guacamole and salsa. Not bad actually, except the cheese. This is causing me some sneezing tonight as well.
For snack, I had some peppers, celery, and carrots, with a little hummus and some trail mix, hold the choco-chips.
For dinner, I had pesto-stuffed chicken and some green beans, some veggies and a little hummus. And two glasses of wine.

Not a terrible day, but not such a good day as well. We'll see if I can do better tomorrow!

Started the day with the last glass of kale++ juice.
Skipped breakfast this morning and had a "builder's bar" for mid-morning snack. It's gluten and dairy free, but does have soy. 20g of protein, 20g of carbs, although it's labeled "low glycemic."
Lunch - salad at the whole foods, including spinach, mixed greens, balsamic vinegar, onions, red peppers, pulled chicken, an egg.
Mid-afternoon snacks - about 30 almonds, and a couple oz of beef summer sausage.
Dinner - steak (around 5-6 oz) and asparagus with organic coconut spread, salt and black pepper, and montreal steak spices (which has garlic which is bad for me)

Breakfast: a few slices of summer sausage
mid-morning snack: a handful of almonds (maybe 20?)
lunch: salad at the cafeteria. Spinach and mixed greens, peppers, pickled onions, herb vinaigrette and 2oz salmon on top
afternoon snack: builder's bar, two glasses of wine
more afternoon snack: summer sausage with goat cheese
dinner: 4oz turkey burger, salad (mixed greens with strawberry vinaigrette and goat cheese crumbles)
Midnight snack: summer sausage and blueberries

Breakfast - Onions and peppers omelette at work
Snack - 10-20 almonds
Lunch - salad with peppers, onions, yams, salmon
Afternoon snack - builders's bar x2!
Arrive home snack - a few slices of summer sausage
Dinner - grass fed organic beef steak, salad with raspberry vinaigrette and some blueberries

Started the day at the PT - She said my shoulder is much stronger, and I probably have one more visit before I graduate!
Breakfast - I had a bowl of blueberries before heading to the office
Mid-morning snack: handful of almonds
Lunch: Lamb burger with feta and some kind of fancy aioli
Afternoon snack: Builder's bar
Second afternoon snack: two glasses of red wine
Dinner: Steak oscar, hold the oscar, sub asparagus for the potatoes
Dessert: Bowl of blueberries

Heading for 9am Crossfit for the first time in almost two weeks. Ugh. Gonna fuel up with a bowl of blueberries.
Got home and made myself a 3 egg, 1 pepper, 1/2 onion, left over steak omelet. And topped it off with kale-cucumber-lemon-blueberry-ginger juice. I subbed frozen bbs for the apples because they are lower GI, but it didn't work well. None of the juice came out of them. And I didn't have celery because I used it all last week. Anyway, I have some learning to do wrt the juicer!
Lunch: Isernio's chicken sausage, bowl of blueberries and a second glass of kale juice concoction.
Snack: Another isernio's chicken sausage and another bowl of blueberries
Dinner: Peppers and onions scramble, same as breakfast, but added a few goat cheese crumbles in for the dinner version.

9am Crossfit followed by 6 Brown n Serve turkey sausage links (3.6oz), 2oz sweet potato, ~2oz beef summer sausage, fried in a pan, and about a teaspoon of mayo to dip it in. Finished off by a half bowl or so of blueberries
Lunch was more of the same -- beef summer sausage and blueberries, and a few more slices of sweet potato
Snack was more of the same -- sort of continuous eating throughout the day.
Dinner: Chicken ceasar salad hold the croutons and cheese, and several slices of sweet potato.