Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday night - Elizabeth

Did a ghetto version of Elizabeth at the Crossfit tonight.
40kg cleans, and banded ring dips (21-15-9) My elbows and arms hurt a lot now.

For my feeding today:
Breakfast -- fasted
Lunch -- a few almonds just before noon, then a albacore spinach salad at Portage Bay Cafe. Not much dressing, just dry fish, spinach, something like pickled beans and a couple other veggies.
Dinner -- Beefsticks x8, A cup or two of berries, handful of almonds, and half an atkins bar. Yum.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Test mobile post

This is a post to test the mobile posting capability of blogger, and to say I'm gonna try to do some rings practice now.

Feeling a bit fat tonight...

Tonight's dinner was about 4oz of grass-fed angus beef, ny strip. We had salad with kalamata olives, various berries (although mostly strawberries), and I grabbed a handful -- around 6 -- wasabi-coated almonds to get the fat content up.

I weighed myself afterwards at 172.6, ugh! But I could be up to 3 lbs lighter in the morning, so hope to come in below 170 in the morning. I hope this "cheat your way thin" thing really works, and I'm not just slowing myself down when eating carbs.

As an aside, I was working on muscle up progressions this morning, based on some videos I saw on youtube. I'm thinking that maybe I'm strong enough but not coordinated enough...although maybe I'm neither. I certainly haven't spent enough time rolling my arms out, which isn't helping. So I'm starting to use the pain ball on my biceps and triceps. Will that help? I don't know, but it probably won't hurt!

Strategic overfeeding

Duncan mentioned to me "strategic overfeeding" as a way to lose more fat. What this means is once a week eating a bunch of carbs, so that the body continues to produce leptins which help burn fat. If one goes on a long term diet, the body will see that as a bad thing and stop producing leptins and start storing all the fat it can, as a survival technique. It takes one week of dieting for leptin production to decrease. So, the idea of this (also called "cheat your way thin") is that if you cheat one day a week, your body will not resist the dieting.

Anyway, today I had two pieces of french toast with maple syrup for lunch, along with hummus and pita. This afternoon I had a cookie too. We will see what the damage from today is, and whether it will be more than overcompensated by the fat/weight I lose the rest of the week.

For the fullness of the food log, I also had a 3 egg feta omelet, several beef sticks, an atkins bar and a couple cups of blueberries/strawberries throughout today.

One other interesting note. We are entering allergy season, and I haven't had any allergy problems (Stuffy nose, congestion) yet, aside from a little bit of itchy eyes. Today, I ate carbs, and I have some congestion. Not bad enough to have to use my nasal spray, but it seems worse than the past few days. If it clears up after a couple no carb days, I am going to start believing that paleo actually helps sinusitis.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

One week post-challenge

I did well last week, and started recovering from my binge day. Lost half of the weight that I gained. Today, I went to a kid's bday party this morning, and ate four (children's) slices of pizza. Boo. I am going to run 8 this afternoon, so that may help undo some of the problem. And tomorrow is mother's day, and we are going to the donut store for breakfast for mother's day. So that won't help much.

On a happier note, I won the leaning challenge, based on the improvement over 7 weeks in no-shirt pictures. It was great to be recognized for the diligence I put in. Everyone there was super nice, and that was even better than winning.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recovering from binge day

Saturday I weighed in at 167.5 and then had my "After" picture taken after the 7 mile run. I then proceeded to begin undoing all the good I had done. Pancakes and maple syrup at ihop, then in the evening pizza, a half bottle of wine, and then cake and then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for Oreo ice cream with marshmallows, caramel and cookie dough. By Monday morning, I weighed 172+, up five pounds. Yikes!

So I got back on the straight and narrow starting Sunday actually. Eggs, summer sausage or other good protein for breakfast. Along with a cup of blueberries and 6 almonds. This is a 2 block meal. I found that I could get below 14 blocks for the day without trying very hard. Two blocks for breakfast, 2-3 for lunch, 2 for snack and 4 for dinner, brought me in at 11 or so.

I tried Tandoori chicken, a couple cups of strawberries and some quac one day for lunch. Today, I had a spicy tuna hand roll, hold the rice, and a couple orders of sashimi at the company cafe. I forgot to eat carbs, so I walked over to whole foods in the afternoon and got a package of mixed berries, and ate half of it. I was back to 169.5 by this morning and hope to get to 169 tomorrow morning. That's a good platform to start knocking off the next 10 lbs or so. Goal: six pack abs. It may take more than 10 lbs, but next stop is 160, and getting under 20% fat. I am at 22% fat, which is 36 lbs, but that's not so bad, considering I was at 40 lbs fat a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 mile run by glickdav at Garmin Connect - Details

7 mile run by glickdav at Garmin Connect - Details

Ran 7 miles this Saturday before the "After" picture to end the Paleo challenge. This was week 2 of 9 for the half marathon training program. Working our way up to 13!