Monday, April 22, 2013

Leaning challenge, week 4

Breakfast - 3 egg scramble with peppers and onions, two slices bacon
Snack - nugo organic bar
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with veggies, 4oz salmon
Snack - nugo organic bar, diet coke
Afternoon crossfit workout
Dinner - 2oz sweet potato, 2 hebrew national hot dogs, vegan protein shake
Snack - blueberries and whip cream

Breakfast - scramble with peppers and onions, and 2 slices of bacon
Lunch - Spinach salad with salmon at the cafeteria
Dinner - summer sausage, sweet potato, blueberries and whip cream

Breakfast scramble with peppers and onions, and 2 slices of bacon
Lunch - Spinach salad with salmon
Snack - nugo organic bar
Crossfit workout with Duncan
Dinner - 2 hot dogs, tsp of peanut butter and 2oz sweet potato

Breakfast AMRAP nutrition bar, paleo beef sticks
Lunch - Nugo organic bar
Snack - hand full of jelly bellies :(
Dinner - Omelet with Goat cheese and salsa, sweet potato

Brunch - Attitude cleanse juice
Lunch - Lamb curry with mango chutney, hold the cous cous and pita.
Dinner - Summer sausage and beef jerky in the car on the way to Chelan. Several glasses of wine after arrival

Crossfit Workout at Chelan Valley CF in Manson
Breakfast - omelet
Lunch - wine tasting starting at about 1pm. A box of Mike and Ike's got consumed along with bbq chicken and kale salad
Dinner - more wine tasting and a big steak covered in grilled onions and bleu cheese.
Dessert - more wine

Hot Yoga at Yogachelan
Brunch - omelet, summer sausage
Drive home from Chelan - trip snacks (beef jerky, slim jims, and a peppermint patty)
Dinner - the last of the sheep feta cheese (about 1oz)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leaning challenge, week 3

Breakfast - 3 eggs, sunny side up. About 12 raisins
Lunch - burger and salad, several skinny margaritas.
Dinner - seared ahi tuna, burger (no bun) and mixed greens salad

Workout at Cactus Crossfit
Post workout snack - 4 slices bacon
Lunch - taco meat, no shell, salsa and sautéed veggies, skinny margaritas
Dinner - sushi rolls, wasabi, ginger, wine

Breakfast - berry plate and turkey bacon
Lunch - 3oz beef jerky
Snack - 3oz beef jerky, skinny margarita
Dinner - beef tenderloin fondue, sautéed asparagus, New York strip steak
Dessert - sorbetto

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, bowl of berries
Lunch - lamb burger and hummus
Dinner - sliders, no bun and a few potato chips
Snack - Blueberries, 2 oz of summer sausage

Snacked throughout the day (vaca) -- ~6oz summer sausage, bowl of blueberries, 2 tsp organic almond butter, Glutino gluten free pretzel sticks
Workout with Steve
Post-workout -- Omelet with salsa, goat cheese and half an onion, blueberries and whip cream for dessert

Breakfast - omelet with onion, salsa, goat cheese
Lunch - attitude cleanse juice
Snack - nugo organic bar
Dinner - lamb kabob, few fries, hummus

Morning crossfit workout
Brunch - el diablo omelet x2
Dinner - crust less pizza (red sauce and mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeño)

Crossfit workout
Post workout snack - 2oz summer sausage, 2 fried eggs in coconut oil
Brunch - el diablo omelet and a side of bacon
Dinner - 2oz summer sausage, 2oz sweet potato, and 2 tsp organic almond butter

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leaning challenge, week 2

Breakfast - 2oz summer sausage, emergen-C drink, bowl of blueberries and whip cream
Lunch - el diablo omelet and 2 diet cokes
Snack - bowl of blueberries and whip cream
Dinner - Falafel, hummus (no pita!), red peppers stuffed with sheep feta, olive oil and spices, cucumbers and 3 kalamata olives

Lunch - mixed greens and spinach salad with onions and peppers, sheep feta and 4oz salmon
Dinner - onions, goat cheese and salsa omelet

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with onions and peppers, 2 slices of bacon
Snack - Nugo organic bar
Lunch - Steak salad
Snack - Nugo organic bar and a diet coke (boo!)
Dinner - 4 oz burger, frozen veggies, 1/4 cup berries
Post dinner - 2 oz summer sausage

Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with 4oz salmon, diet coke
Snack - nugo organic bar
Dinner - 4oz summer sausage, bowl of blueberries and whip cream, 2tsp organic almond butter

Breakfast - Nugo organic bar
Lunch - salad (same as above), 2 diet cokes
Snack - 2 small packages of beef jerky from the vending machine
Dinner - Chicken with hyderabad cooking sauce from a jar, 6 berries, charred broccoli and cauliflower, 2 tsp organic almond butter

Breakfast - onions and pepper omelet
Lunch - Root veggie hash with corned beef, and egg on top
Happy Hour - Guacamole and sauteed veggies, 3 glasses of wine
Dinner - Chicken in madras curry, berries
Dessert - 9 Glutino Gluten Free wafer cookies (bad!)

8am Workout - the Hare and the Bear
Snack - Organic beef jerky
Lunch - omelet - three eggs, 1/2 onion, salsa and goat cheese crumbles. 2 slices of summer sausage.
Snack - qdoba steak, veggies and guac
On the plane - mixed nuts and gluten free potato chips
Dinner - ceasar salad, no croutons or cheese and veal on bed of parsnips and sautéed onions and peppers

Monday, April 1, 2013

Leaning challenge v5! Week 1, 3/30-4/6

So far, not a good start. Traveling and breaking all my rules, starting with no alcohol during leaning challenge!

Sunday 3/30
Lunch - Leftover brisket with BBQ sauce, few slices of sweet potato, Emergenc-E drink
Snack - More brisket!
Dinner - Greek salad at zeeks
Workout - Wendler deadlifts, good mornings and planks
Post workout second dinner - More brisket! And few more slices sweet potato

Breakfast - Chicken Burrito, hold the rice, beans and tortilla. So basically chicken, salsa and guacamole from qdoba at the airport
Dinner - Steak, many glasses of wine, chicken wings

No breakfast
Lunch - Green salad and a scoop of tuna fish with horseradish mayo, diet coke
Dinner - Steak, 3 diet cokes
Post dinner - Several glasses of wine, sweet potato fries and some chicken wings.

Breakfast - Omelet with peppers and onions, some melon, diet coke

Lunch - Green salad and a scoop of tuna fish with horseradish mayo, diet coke
Dinner - Steak and seasonal veggies, finally was able to avoid the wine!

Lunch - Green salad and a scoop of tuna fish with horseradish mayo, diet coke
Snack at airport - Sweet potato fries, wine
Dinner - Finally back home again and ate more leftover brisket and bbq sauce
Dessert - Bowl of Blueberries and whip cream, few slices of summer sausage
Midnight snack - more brisket

Breakfast - ~2oz of summer sausage and Emergen-C drink
Lunch - Root veggie hash with corned beef and eggs on top
Snack - "attitude cleanse" juice -- beets, carrots, greens, extra ginger, and cayenne. 3 stars out of five spicy and even that was pretty hot!
Dinner - Summer sausage with homemade horseradish mayo and the last of the leftover brisket, and a hot dog (no bun) with grilled peppers and onions.

Workout - Dave's Mobility Class plus L1 class with Mike. WOD = I go, you go AMRAP 20 min. 15 Front Squats (40kg), 15 pullups, 200m run.
Brunch - 3 egg scramble, with half an onion and a couple tbsp of goat cheese crumbles, plus 2oz of raw sweet potato and 1oz summer sausage. 1 glass Emergen-C.
Second brunch - el diablo omelet at hale's - onions, peppers, jalapeño, goat cheese, and sausage. 2 glasses diet coke
Snack - bowl of blueberries with whip cream
Dinner - summer sausage with homemade horseradish mayo, glass of emergen-C
Post-dinner party - Many glasses of wine, a few slices of pepperoni and two mojitos