Monday, October 29, 2012

First week post Paleo-challenge food log

I finished the Paleo challenge food log Saturday and ate crap on Sat night and Sunday. Now I'm getting back on the wagon. I want to knock out 10 more lbs before I try to start just maintaining. I got up this morning and was saying to myself, as I ate breakfast "5 slices of salami, 3 tsp of almond butter..." and wondering if I was ahead or behind on calories for the day.  So I'm going to try to keep doing my food log.

Monday, 10/29
7am mobility with Steve
Breakfast - 5 slices of summer sausage, 3 tsp of almond butter
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with sweet potato, feta, onions, peppers, herb vinaigrette and 4oz steelhead salmon
Snack - 12 almonds
Dinner - chicken curry made with curry sauce from a bottle. The main ingredient in the sauce was coconut milk which made it about 80% fat (yay!)
Also had some salad with goat cheese.

After dinner, went to personal training with Steve. Started out by rolling my pecs with a lax ball but I'm not too good at it. We spent the rest of the time doing snatch-grip deadlifts, bent over rows and butterfly sit-ups. The first two were to strengthen my mid-back, and the sit ups were to isolate the abs and take the hip flexors out of the exercise.
I was going to stay for Steve's 8:00 class but between the pt and the mobility class this morning I was pretty wiped out.

Tuesday, 10/30
Woke up sore this morning and decided I'd take the morning off of crossfit. I rolled my lats for 10-15 minutes and did some thoracic extension and rotation exercises. Made a]three egg omelet/scramble this morning with 1/2 an onion, 1/2 a pepper, and some salsa. It was cooked in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
Strangely, I was only able to finish half of it. I guess it's good if my body doesn't need so much fuel.

Lunch was steak fajitas with veggies and guac, hold the tortillas, beans, rice, and dairy.
Dinner - 5 Deviled eggs, 2tsp almond butter and 2 oz beef jerky

Wednesday, 10/31
Happy Halloween!
Breakfast - omelet with onions and peppers
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with onions, peppers, jicama, sheep feta, herb vinaigrette and 4oz steelhead salmon
Snack - 12 almonds
Dinner - Blackened Salmon ceasar salad (no croutons or cheese) with caribbean jerk sauce
Workout - 6 pm level 2 class with Jess - 4x 30 second rounds each of 30lb DB thrusters, row for calories, 24" box jumps and burpees
Post-workout - 2tsp almond butter, ~4oz summer sausage, several slices of cheese (late night snack, not so good. :( )

Thursday, 11/1
Breakfast - summer sausage and peppers, pan fried. ~1oz of sheep gouda, 10-12 almonds
Lunch - salad at work (see above)
Snack - Nugo organic bar, 1 beef jerky, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 diet coke (boo!)
Dinner - 2 beef sausage links, sauteed peppers and garlic
Workout - Wendler squats - finished with 7x106kg, then 100 DB thrusters with 5 burpees on the minute. Took me many minutes
Post workouts - 3 tsp almond butter, 1 tsp chili
Tomorrow night is Paleo Potluck, get to pick the winner of the Paleo Challenge!

Friday, 11/2
Breakfast - Builder's Bar protein bar
Snack - Nugo Organic bar
Lunch - Salad at work
Snack - 10 almonds, 3/4 cup frozen blueberries, reheated leftover omelet from Wednesday
Caught a cold or something, so skipped crossfit today. Headed for the Paleo Potluck tonight.
Paleo potluck - several deviled eggs, a leg of chicken, some kale chips, goat cheese, and a few bites of chicken sausage
Unfortunately, I didn't win the Paleo challenge this year, but on the other hand, I did lose 15 lbs so that's a nice consolation.

Saturday, 11/3
Workout - Level 2 class with Mike. You have 20 minutes. Do 15 bear crawls (across the gym and back). Then work up to 3 heavy reps of Clean and Jerk, Front Squat and Snatch. I did 50-60-70 C&J, 70-80-80 FS, and 50-50-50 Snatch. Then did Dave's mobility class.
Brunch - El Diablo omelet (onions, peppers, jalapenos, goat cheese, cholula)
Lunch - 2 beef sausages w mayo
Dinner - bison hamburger patty with mayo, 2 tsp peanut butter (ran out of almond butter)
Midnight snack - ~1oz of summer sausage

Sunday, 11/4
Pre-workout - ~1oz sweet potato
Workout - 9am with Andy
Post-workout - omelet with ~2oz summer sausage. ~2oz sweet potato
Snack - 10 almonds, ~2oz summer sausage
Snack at kid's bday party - Carrots and celery with hummus
Snack - 1oz of beef jerky
Dinner - 3 tsp almond butter, 5 slices (~1oz) summer sausage with Salsa

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, Week 7 food log

Sunday, 10/21
Breakfast - scramble with half onion, goat cheese. 4 tsp almond butter
Lunch - 1 oz beef jerky, ~25 almonds, salad (mixed greens) with chicken filet topper
Dinner 1 - jumbo Chicago style hot dog at o'hare, topped with onions, peppers and a pickle
Dinner 2 - 3 oz beef jerky and another 20 almonds or so during an 8 hour overnight flight

Monday, 10/22
Lunch - burger, no bun. Sautéed veggies
Snack - 3oz beef jerky (I noticed it has evaporated organic cane juice, 5g sugar :( )
Dinner - 5oz ribeye steak

Tuesday, 10/23
Breakfast - scrambled eggs (I think there was some cheese in them) and smoked salmon
Lunch - some sort of chicken satay, I think there was no breading on it, just spices. 10 almonds
Snack - 2 more satays, and a few more almonds and two strawberries.
Dinner - chicken burger, no bun, with mayo
Snack - 10 almonds

Wednesday, 10/24
Breakfast - spinach and onions omelet
Lunch - 4 chicken drumsticks, three slices of avocado, two strawberries
Snack - 15 almonds, 2oz beef jerky
Dinner - burger, no bun, and crappy little salad in airport
Snack - 1oz beef jerky
Will be glad to be home!

Thursday, 10/25
Breakfast - scrambled eggs with nothing in them :(
Lunch - 3oz beef jerky, 18 almonds-
Snack - 3oz beef jerky, 20 almonds
Dinner - jumbo Chicago dog, no bun

Friday, 10/26
Breakfast - omelet with onions and peppers
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with 4oz steelhead salmon
Snack - 3 tsp almond butter
Dinner - 2 tsp almond butter

Saturday, 10/27
Workout - 7am with Jim, mobility with Dave
PICTURE with Nancy
Brunch - Bloody Mary, el diablo omelet with no fruit, potatoes or toast. Could only drink about 1/4 of the Bloody Mary.
Lunch/snack - summer sausage, almond butter
Dinner - chili, wine, a few mini Hershey bars :(

Sunday, 10/28
Breakfast - made my own Chili con Queso - leftover lamb burger, pace picante sauce and goat cheese crumbles, heated up in the skillet. And a few almonds
Lunch - Omelet with onions, a few slices of summer sausage, the last of the goat cheese crumbles
Snack at a party -- a glass of champagne and several hands full of candy corn :(
Workout - 5pm with Steve, did "Frelen" -- Take Fran, augment with a little Helen = Frelen.
Dinner - lamb-balls with peas, onions and ginger. Chick peas in indian spices.

I think I'll declare tonight the end of my Paleo challenge. Start - 190 lbs, Finish - 175 lbs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, week 6 food log

Monday, 10/15
Breakfast - red pepper omelet, 2tsp almond butter
Lunch - Spinach and mixed green salad with 4oz salmon
Snack - 2 nugo organic bars (boo)
Dinner - 2 oz summer sausage, 1/2 small sweet potato, 2 tsp almond butter
Workout - 8pm w Steve. Dragging ass on Christine, 13:51
Post workout - 2 tsp almond butter, 2 slices of goat cheese

Tuesday, 10/16
Breakfast - egg and chicken burrito, hold the tortilla, at airport qdoba
Lunch - carne Asada with guacamole and salsa. No carbs
Workout - core stabilization at core crossfit with Annelisa!
Dinner - small steak (7oz?), asparagus and salad with onions, green peppers and Italian dressing

Wednesday, 10/17
Breakfast - omelet with onions and peppers
Lunch - fajita meat and a few veggies
Dinner - flank steak, asparagus, sweet potato
Dessert - 2 fiber tablets, 2 tsp almond butter, ~1oz of goat cheese

Thursday, 10/18
Workout - xfit with Jess and mobility with Sean
Lunch - fajitas, no carbs or dairy
Snack - nugo organic bar
Dinner - flank steak, sweet potato, cabbage, 2 tsp almond butter

Friday, 10/19
Workout - xfit with Jess, mobility with Jim
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad, 4oz salmon, almonds
Dinner - lamb meat balls, cauliflower, 3 tsp almond butter
Other - I had tonic water at the bar and they gave me sugared version, I had several sips before I sent it back. :(

Saturday, 10/20
Breakfast - scramble with onions, Serrano peppers and goat cheese
Workout - level 2 with Jim - just dumb. Finished w 145kg DL
Lunch - two Hebrew national hot dogs with ~1 tsp mayo. Cauliflower, 2 tsp almond butter.
Snack - 2 tsp almond butter
Dinner - ~2oz of summer sausage, pan fried with mayo. Scramble with onion, Serrano pepper and goat cheese. 2 tsp almond butter

Monday, October 8, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, week 5 food log

Monday, 10/8
Breakfast - reheated sausage and peppers, 2tsp almond butter
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with assorted veggies and salmon toppers
Snack - nugo organic bar from vending machine
Dinner - 1.5 burgers (6oz?) with mayo, 1 tsp peanut butter, 10 spears asparagus
Workout - 140kg max deadlift (PR!), then 8 min amrap (8 thrusters, 8 burpees over bar, 8 chinups)
Post-workout snack - Plant protein shake (

Tuesday, 10/9
Breakfast - omelet with peppers and onions at work
Lunch - nugo organic bar and spinach and veggies salad with fish topper
Workout - 5pm Level 2 with Andy
Dinner - Plant protein shake, 2 breakfast sausages (about 1.3oz each), 3 slices of sweet potato, 2 tsp almond butter and three slices of cheese

Wednesday, 10/10
Workout - mobility class with Becky
Breakfast - omelet with peppers and onions at work
Lunch - Small bowl of chili, mixed seasonal vegetables
Snack - I had a little almond binge - 17 almonds....
Dinner - steak, took half home in a doggie bag, and carrots/parsnips sauteed in oil. marinated kalamatas as appetizer
Snack - 2tsp almond butter

Thursday, 10/11
Breakfast - onion scramble, with one chopped up seranno pepper. 2 tsp EV coconut oil used to saute.
Lunch - spinach and mixed green salad with onion, pepper, sheep feta, yams, and two pieces of fish
Dinner - 5 oz steak, 2 tsp almond butter
Workout - personal training with Steve then 8pm xfit with Steve. Extra credit - 1 unassisted muscle up.
Post workout snack - 2 oz summer sausage, 1 tsp mayo, 4 sliced of sweet potato and proanax antioxidant supplement.

Friday, 10/12
Breakfast - pepper omelet with ev coconut oil and antioxidants
Lunch - fajitas, hold the dairy and carbs plus guac
Dinner - salmon with vegan dour cream, cucumber and onion salad, and apple, cabbage and onion salad.
Dessert - 3 tsp of almond butter (yay fat!) and proanax antioxidants,

Saturday, 10/15
Breakfast - sweet potato omelet with goat cheese, 3 tsp almond butter
Workout - skills testing!
Lunch - 4 oz summer sausage, some pan fried, some raw. With mayo and salsa. Several oz of sweet potato and 2 tsp of almond butter
Snack - 3 slices if cheese
Dinner - ~4oz grass fed burger with grilled onions and peppers, are some of my wife's spinach salad with goat cheese.
Midnight snack - 2 tsp almond butter

Sunday, 10/14
Workout - 9am with Andy
Breakfast - scramble with leftover steak and Serrano peppers and goat cheese. A few slices of sweet potato. 2 tsp of almond butter

Lunch - omelet with ground beef, goat cheese, salsa, peppers and onion. I think I are too much....but it was good. Gonna need a light dinner.

Dinner - 2tsp almond butter, 3 chicken breakfast sausages (4oz), a spoonful of cabbage and apple salad. Hopefully this makes up for my big meals earlier

Monday, October 1, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, week 4 food log

Week 3 ended on a tough note...weddings are bad for diets, especially with old college buddies. I'm trying to get back on the straight and narrow.

Monday, 10/1
Breakfast - Onions and salsa omelet, plus about 1oz of summer sausage
Lunch - 6oz Bbq brisket with bbq sauce
Snack - 2 organic bars from the vending machine
Snack - 5 deviled eggs
Workout - 6pm with Scott
Dinner - ~1oz sweet potato with salsa, ~1oz summer sausage with 1 tsp mayo, 1 tsp almond butter

Tuesday, 10/2
Breakfast - Sauteed onions (1/2oz) and lean chicken sausage (3oz) with 1 tsp mayo, and 2 tsp+ of almond butter
Lunch - turkey with mayo, chicken salad, and green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.
Snack - Organic bar from vending machine
Second snack - Chicken spiedini at Cuoco
Dinner - Steak Fajitas, hold the tortilla, rice, beans, and sour cream
Dessert - one glass of wine and half a tub of popcorn at the madonna concert

Wednesday, 10/3
Breakfast - Sauteed onions and sausage, and 1 egg  up. 1oz summer sausage and 1 tsp mayo. 1 tsp of almond butter (maybe two?)
Lunch - Steak fajitas, hold the carbs and the dairy, just beef and veggies. And guac.
Workout with Steve at 4pm class
Dinner - 1oz of summer sausage, 1 tsp of mayo, Sauteed sweet potato and red pepper.
Snack - 1 tsp of almond butter and a couple slices (<1oz) of summer sausage

Thursday, 10/4
Workout - Mobility class with Dave. Dip handle support to L-sit, and Pistol Squat practice
Breakfast - Sauteed peppers and sausage, in coconut oil rather than walnut oil today. Two tsp of almond butter.
Lunch - Fajitas, hold the carbs, plus guac.
Snack - 2x Nugo organic bar from vending machine
Dinner - 1 sweet potato (6oz?), 1 chicken sausage (3oz) with 1tsp mayo, 1 tsp almond butter
Workout - 8pm with Steve!

Friday, 10/5
Breakfast - Pepper and onion omelet at work
Snack - 9 almonds
Lunch - Steak salad at Cuoco, hold the croutons and parmesan
Snack - 9 almonds
Workout - 5pm with Steve - Level 2
Dinner - 2 salmon burgers, Sauteed spinach with a few mushrooms, onions and raisins, and goat cheese.
Dessert - 1 tsp of almond butter
Midnight snack - a couple slices of salami and a tsp of peanut butter

Saturday, 10/6
Workout - level 2 class with Steve, then mobility with Dave
Brunch - el diablo omelet - jalapeño, onions, peppers, cholula and goat cheese. Left potatoes and fruit on plate and gave the English muffin to the kids
Lunch - ~3oz of summer sausage, 1tsp of mayo, 1 tsp of almond butter
Dinner - Mediterranean albacore salad at Ray's
Midnight snack (boo!) - 2 cups blueberries

Sunday, 10/7
Workout - 9am class with Andy
Breakfast - Veggie protein powder shake (23g protein), 1/2 onion (sort of caramelized) with pepper-infused goat cheese thrown in, 2 tsp of almond butter, and 1.5 cups blueberries
Snack - 3oz of sweet potato, sauteed in walnut oil, 1 hebrew national hot dog (~2oz), 2tsp of almond butter
Second Snack - 7 slices (2oz?) of salami with 1 tsp of mayo, 1/2 onion sauteed, 1 tsp of almond butter
Dinner - Sausage, onions and peppers sauteed in walnut oil