Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, week 6 food log

Monday, 10/15
Breakfast - red pepper omelet, 2tsp almond butter
Lunch - Spinach and mixed green salad with 4oz salmon
Snack - 2 nugo organic bars (boo)
Dinner - 2 oz summer sausage, 1/2 small sweet potato, 2 tsp almond butter
Workout - 8pm w Steve. Dragging ass on Christine, 13:51
Post workout - 2 tsp almond butter, 2 slices of goat cheese

Tuesday, 10/16
Breakfast - egg and chicken burrito, hold the tortilla, at airport qdoba
Lunch - carne Asada with guacamole and salsa. No carbs
Workout - core stabilization at core crossfit with Annelisa!
Dinner - small steak (7oz?), asparagus and salad with onions, green peppers and Italian dressing

Wednesday, 10/17
Breakfast - omelet with onions and peppers
Lunch - fajita meat and a few veggies
Dinner - flank steak, asparagus, sweet potato
Dessert - 2 fiber tablets, 2 tsp almond butter, ~1oz of goat cheese

Thursday, 10/18
Workout - xfit with Jess and mobility with Sean
Lunch - fajitas, no carbs or dairy
Snack - nugo organic bar
Dinner - flank steak, sweet potato, cabbage, 2 tsp almond butter

Friday, 10/19
Workout - xfit with Jess, mobility with Jim
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad, 4oz salmon, almonds
Dinner - lamb meat balls, cauliflower, 3 tsp almond butter
Other - I had tonic water at the bar and they gave me sugared version, I had several sips before I sent it back. :(

Saturday, 10/20
Breakfast - scramble with onions, Serrano peppers and goat cheese
Workout - level 2 with Jim - just dumb. Finished w 145kg DL
Lunch - two Hebrew national hot dogs with ~1 tsp mayo. Cauliflower, 2 tsp almond butter.
Snack - 2 tsp almond butter
Dinner - ~2oz of summer sausage, pan fried with mayo. Scramble with onion, Serrano pepper and goat cheese. 2 tsp almond butter

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