Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of bench press and pullups on "vacation" day 3

Yesterday's workout was sort of a grinder, as it seems like is often the case here in Kauai. But fun.

I had planned to take Wednesday of my vacation week as a vacation from Crossfit too. I skipped the morning class, but Melinda went and reported back a "fun" workout. It started with weighted pushups and then the WoD was called "Conga Line." She convinced me to go to the 4:30pm class.
It didn't hurt that I was feeling guilty about having smores with my kids at lunchtime, so this assuaged some of my paleo-inspired guilt.

We started by doing sets of 1 pushup with increasing weight placed on our shoulders. I was able to do a pushup with 100 lbs on my shoulders. The top guy was 145, and the top woman (the legendary Melissa, who I have never met) was able to do 110 lbs.

Then we did seven sets of:
AMRAP bench press
AMRAP pullups
Me and my partners started at 65 lbs and I was able to do 50 reps at 65, then 12 (kipping) pullups in a set. We then added 10 lbs, and I was only able to do about 26, and again 12 pullups. We ended the last set at 135 lbs, and I was able to do 5. And then another 10 pullups. Overall, around 75 pullups (no band) and over 100 bench press reps.

We finished off the evening with ahi tuna and marlin sushi, yum! Along with diced radishes and cucumbers, and some kim chi, and a side of blueberries to provide carbs. Go Paleo!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Manion" workout of the day

This morning I worked out again at the 6am class at Kauai Crossfit. One of the advantages of this was that I got to see the sunrise over Kauai from the outdoors "gym."

Today's workout was hero workout "Manion":
7 rounds for time of
400m Run
29 reps back squats (I did 95 lbs, Rx was 135 lbs for men)

Jerome put a time limit of 30 minutes on this workout. I was the only one of the six of us to finish, in 28:15. I think that means I didn't do enough weight on the back squats. But all told it was 203 back squats, so 95 lbs is (to me) respectable. I probably should have done 105.

I got home and had three eggs for breakfast, about 10 almonds and a small bowl of blueberries, then went to see the Rolfer.

The Rolfer (Ken Solin at the Kapaa Massage Center) worked over my arms, shoulders, elbows, and did a bit of work on my hips/pelvis. It will take a few days to know whether it did any good, but he also recommended that I walk around with my elbows farther out from my body than I do today, and that will take strain off of them.

Then we went down to the beach with the whole family and Toby looked for "beach glass". We were there for thirty whole minutes and I don't think I even got a sunburn. We dragged the kids off the beach and out to Bushido Sushi in downtown Kapaa. Jen and I had sushi (I got spicy tuna hand roll, hold the rice for a nice Paleo meal) and the boys had edamame and rice. Most of the rice unfortunately went on the outside of Elijah, not the inside:
Then Elijah fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kauai Crossfit workout!

First day of vacation on Hawaii time, I awoke before the alarm went off at 5:30 (8:30 pdt) and joined my friend Melinda at Kauai Crossfit.
Melinda told me last night that she was glad she missed the workout of the day on Sunday because it were her "two least favorite exercises put together." -- 100 Wall ball burpees.
We got to the "gym" which is really a 500sf patio with some work out gear, looking out over the beach, and found that Jerome had decided to redux the 100 wall ball burpees. So we had two WoDs -- first we did 500m rows x3 with 90s rest in between. I did 1:45, 1:50, 1:55. And then 100 wall ball burpees for time. I did a 14 lb ball 100x in 11:35 I think. And finish it off with a 1 mile run for cooldown. There was a woman there named Sunshine, who beat me by about 10 seconds with the 14 lb ball as well.
It was nice to see the sun rise over the ocean, but I didn't have a camera, so will have to go back tomorrow for more!
After Crossfit, I made myself a three egg scramble, with eggs from Melinda's chickens that run around her backyard. supplemented with "emergency protein snack" which consists of ground beef, onions and peppers sauteed and then saved in the fridge so that you can snack on protein not crappy carbs!
(btw, it occurred to me that Crossfit is kind of like AA. Even when you're traveling, you need to find "meetings," and you can find them all over the world.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paleo in Kauai!

We are on vacation this week, visiting our friend Melinda at her house in Kauai. Melinda is in her third month of crossfit and about third week of paleo eating! We got to her house this evening, and she had a whole chicken, freshly chopped onions, cabbage and garlic in a dish, and was squeezing some lime over it. The recipe is from nom nom paleo.

The lady who writes the nom nom blog is a very busy working mother of two who finds the time to make quick, yummy paleo recipes. So I am looking forward to it! Will try to update after dinner.

Hopefully this week will make up for falling off the wagon and eating mike rupp's awesome hummus and pita last night!

Update from after dinner: went back for seconds on chicken, broccoli and cabbage. As a gravy, she pureed the drippings from the bottom of the chicken/cabbage/onion dish, and we spooned it over the top of everything. Yum!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suffering on Saturday! at Level 4 Crossfit

Recently, one of the trainers (Jim) and one of the elite guys (BJ) at the Crossfit decided to start a once a week advanced class. They call it Suffering on Saturday, and it is (sort of) by invitation only. The selection process seems to have been somewhat unscientific, because I got on the email list. :)

It is somewhat daunting, but in another way really great, to be the weakest kid in the class. This morning we started with practice doing "Hand stand push ups" where you start from a headstand and kick your feet up and push up with your hands. I could sort of do it with my spotter helping me. But not really without her. The we had not 1 but 2 "Workouts of the Day" (WOD). The first was pretty killer:
1) 5 front squats (1/2 body weight = about 40kg for me) Everyone else did 45kg.
2) 50' tire drag with some fat weights in the tire.
3) 10 push presses (same 1/2 body weight)
2 times through the whole thing
The 50' tire drag was the toughest. My quads were bound up after the first one, and you wouldn't think 50' is that far. Trust me, it is. The best time was 1:03 for the whole thing, I did about 1:47 for the first round and 2:01 for the second round. That shows either how great these guys are, or how far behind I am. Either way, it was pretty tough.
Then we had WOD #2
As many Reps as Possible (AMRAP)
1) 3 Hand Stand Push ups (HSPU)
2) 3 dips (ring or rack)
3) 3 squat cleans (1/2 body weight)
I ended up doing pushups with my feet up on a box instead of the HSPU because I couldn't quite get the HSPU, but I was able to do ring dips throughout and the 40kg cleans. I had to skip the squats on a couple sets at the end because I felt my hip start to hurt on the squats.

All in all, I'm happy to be included and hope I get stronger little by little (or a lot by lot). Heading to Kauai tomorrow, and I'm gonna hit kauai crossfit and see how they do it there.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Half Marathon, muscle up, paleo challenge!

Ugh, I haven't posted since just after the Paleo challenge ended. Lots of interesting things have happened since then. On June 6, I did my first muscle-up! I did a bunch of practice on different pieces -- chest high pullups with a band, weighted pullups, chinups, banded muscleups. But the key thing that made the difference was a hard core false grip. It all came together Saturday, 6/4, the two days before my 41st birthday. I went in on Monday, and made sure the instructors saw it. It hurt my elbow a lot so I haven't done once since. :(

I also dropped from 167.3 at the end of the Paleo challenge, all the way down to 162.3 at one point. But I'm now hovering between 164 and 165. Need to get back on the straight and narrow!

At the end of June, my running partner Annelisa and I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon and finished in 1:56 and 1:57, beating our goal of 2:00. Here's a picture of me at the end of the half marathon
I eventually passed the woman next to me. Annelisa came in one minute after me.

That's about all for now!

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