Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of bench press and pullups on "vacation" day 3

Yesterday's workout was sort of a grinder, as it seems like is often the case here in Kauai. But fun.

I had planned to take Wednesday of my vacation week as a vacation from Crossfit too. I skipped the morning class, but Melinda went and reported back a "fun" workout. It started with weighted pushups and then the WoD was called "Conga Line." She convinced me to go to the 4:30pm class.
It didn't hurt that I was feeling guilty about having smores with my kids at lunchtime, so this assuaged some of my paleo-inspired guilt.

We started by doing sets of 1 pushup with increasing weight placed on our shoulders. I was able to do a pushup with 100 lbs on my shoulders. The top guy was 145, and the top woman (the legendary Melissa, who I have never met) was able to do 110 lbs.

Then we did seven sets of:
AMRAP bench press
AMRAP pullups
Me and my partners started at 65 lbs and I was able to do 50 reps at 65, then 12 (kipping) pullups in a set. We then added 10 lbs, and I was only able to do about 26, and again 12 pullups. We ended the last set at 135 lbs, and I was able to do 5. And then another 10 pullups. Overall, around 75 pullups (no band) and over 100 bench press reps.

We finished off the evening with ahi tuna and marlin sushi, yum! Along with diced radishes and cucumbers, and some kim chi, and a side of blueberries to provide carbs. Go Paleo!

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