Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Manion" workout of the day

This morning I worked out again at the 6am class at Kauai Crossfit. One of the advantages of this was that I got to see the sunrise over Kauai from the outdoors "gym."

Today's workout was hero workout "Manion":
7 rounds for time of
400m Run
29 reps back squats (I did 95 lbs, Rx was 135 lbs for men)

Jerome put a time limit of 30 minutes on this workout. I was the only one of the six of us to finish, in 28:15. I think that means I didn't do enough weight on the back squats. But all told it was 203 back squats, so 95 lbs is (to me) respectable. I probably should have done 105.

I got home and had three eggs for breakfast, about 10 almonds and a small bowl of blueberries, then went to see the Rolfer.

The Rolfer (Ken Solin at the Kapaa Massage Center) worked over my arms, shoulders, elbows, and did a bit of work on my hips/pelvis. It will take a few days to know whether it did any good, but he also recommended that I walk around with my elbows farther out from my body than I do today, and that will take strain off of them.

Then we went down to the beach with the whole family and Toby looked for "beach glass". We were there for thirty whole minutes and I don't think I even got a sunburn. We dragged the kids off the beach and out to Bushido Sushi in downtown Kapaa. Jen and I had sushi (I got spicy tuna hand roll, hold the rice for a nice Paleo meal) and the boys had edamame and rice. Most of the rice unfortunately went on the outside of Elijah, not the inside:
Then Elijah fell asleep in the car on the way home!

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