Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paleo in Kauai!

We are on vacation this week, visiting our friend Melinda at her house in Kauai. Melinda is in her third month of crossfit and about third week of paleo eating! We got to her house this evening, and she had a whole chicken, freshly chopped onions, cabbage and garlic in a dish, and was squeezing some lime over it. The recipe is from nom nom paleo.

The lady who writes the nom nom blog is a very busy working mother of two who finds the time to make quick, yummy paleo recipes. So I am looking forward to it! Will try to update after dinner.

Hopefully this week will make up for falling off the wagon and eating mike rupp's awesome hummus and pita last night!

Update from after dinner: went back for seconds on chicken, broccoli and cabbage. As a gravy, she pureed the drippings from the bottom of the chicken/cabbage/onion dish, and we spooned it over the top of everything. Yum!

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