Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suffering on Saturday! at Level 4 Crossfit

Recently, one of the trainers (Jim) and one of the elite guys (BJ) at the Crossfit decided to start a once a week advanced class. They call it Suffering on Saturday, and it is (sort of) by invitation only. The selection process seems to have been somewhat unscientific, because I got on the email list. :)

It is somewhat daunting, but in another way really great, to be the weakest kid in the class. This morning we started with practice doing "Hand stand push ups" where you start from a headstand and kick your feet up and push up with your hands. I could sort of do it with my spotter helping me. But not really without her. The we had not 1 but 2 "Workouts of the Day" (WOD). The first was pretty killer:
1) 5 front squats (1/2 body weight = about 40kg for me) Everyone else did 45kg.
2) 50' tire drag with some fat weights in the tire.
3) 10 push presses (same 1/2 body weight)
2 times through the whole thing
The 50' tire drag was the toughest. My quads were bound up after the first one, and you wouldn't think 50' is that far. Trust me, it is. The best time was 1:03 for the whole thing, I did about 1:47 for the first round and 2:01 for the second round. That shows either how great these guys are, or how far behind I am. Either way, it was pretty tough.
Then we had WOD #2
As many Reps as Possible (AMRAP)
1) 3 Hand Stand Push ups (HSPU)
2) 3 dips (ring or rack)
3) 3 squat cleans (1/2 body weight)
I ended up doing pushups with my feet up on a box instead of the HSPU because I couldn't quite get the HSPU, but I was able to do ring dips throughout and the 40kg cleans. I had to skip the squats on a couple sets at the end because I felt my hip start to hurt on the squats.

All in all, I'm happy to be included and hope I get stronger little by little (or a lot by lot). Heading to Kauai tomorrow, and I'm gonna hit kauai crossfit and see how they do it there.

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