Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paleo Challenge, Take 2!

We started the fall Paleo Leaning challenge today, at Level 4 Crossfit. I weighed in this morning at 167.7 or so, which is within one pound of what I weighed at the end of the last Paleo challenge. Annelisa gave me a hearty congratulations for being able to maintain. That's one way to look at it...I was down to 162 at one point a few weeks after the challenge ended, but I wasn't able to maintain that weight. I'm going to set a target of getting to 160 in the next seven weeks, although it will be tough because I have the "geekend" coming up in a few weeks, where we sit around for a long weekend and drink beer, play games and eat a ton of food. Fortunately, the meals are mostly paleo friendly -- chicken wings, steak, eggs for breakfast, etc. The hard part is the avoiding the beers, miscellaneous chocolate bars and chips and other crap which floats around. I am pushing for buying almonds and blueberries for snacks, which might help.

I also have to go to a wedding in China one weekend near the end of the challenge, so that will be another challenge challenge.

I had my picture taken by Nancy this afternoon, so my first official meal of the paleo challenge was at Romio's pizza (now Razzi's pizza), 85th and Greenwood. They have a gluten-free menu, which I took advantage of. Nothing too exciting...I had a greek salad, hold the tomatoes. The dressing seemed like mostly olive oil and some herbs and spices, maybe a little vinegar of some sort. It had about 6 olives for fat, and some feta cheese crumbles. I had about 3oz of beef summer sausage when I got home to cover my protein needs.

I'm also taking 10 fish oil caplets (about 3g of DHA + EPA) per day, and some 5-HTP and ZMA to help me sleep, and maybe to promote muscle recovery. All of these are available from Amazon. Some of them you can get through the Subscribe and Save program (Save 15% off the price if you sign up to get regular deliveries). Good luck to all who are participating!

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