Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday of week 3

Did back squats at the gym this morning for the 5-3-1 program. I did 23 reps at 76kg this morning. I couldn't believe I did so many. I looked back at 2 weeks ago when I had done the same weight, and I could only do 11 reps. Either something is weird, or I am making progress.

Breakfast - post workout big bowl of blueberries, two eggs and two oz or so of hebrew national salami, and a few almonds.
Lunch - 3 deviled eggs with ahi tartare, and a steak salad at Seastar.
Dinner - Salad (lettuce, carrots and goat cheese), steamed broccoli with a little butter, and turkey pastrami
Snack - one slim jim with tabasco sauce and some cashews

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