Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paleo challenge v4, Week 7 food log

Sunday, 10/21
Breakfast - scramble with half onion, goat cheese. 4 tsp almond butter
Lunch - 1 oz beef jerky, ~25 almonds, salad (mixed greens) with chicken filet topper
Dinner 1 - jumbo Chicago style hot dog at o'hare, topped with onions, peppers and a pickle
Dinner 2 - 3 oz beef jerky and another 20 almonds or so during an 8 hour overnight flight

Monday, 10/22
Lunch - burger, no bun. Sautéed veggies
Snack - 3oz beef jerky (I noticed it has evaporated organic cane juice, 5g sugar :( )
Dinner - 5oz ribeye steak

Tuesday, 10/23
Breakfast - scrambled eggs (I think there was some cheese in them) and smoked salmon
Lunch - some sort of chicken satay, I think there was no breading on it, just spices. 10 almonds
Snack - 2 more satays, and a few more almonds and two strawberries.
Dinner - chicken burger, no bun, with mayo
Snack - 10 almonds

Wednesday, 10/24
Breakfast - spinach and onions omelet
Lunch - 4 chicken drumsticks, three slices of avocado, two strawberries
Snack - 15 almonds, 2oz beef jerky
Dinner - burger, no bun, and crappy little salad in airport
Snack - 1oz beef jerky
Will be glad to be home!

Thursday, 10/25
Breakfast - scrambled eggs with nothing in them :(
Lunch - 3oz beef jerky, 18 almonds-
Snack - 3oz beef jerky, 20 almonds
Dinner - jumbo Chicago dog, no bun

Friday, 10/26
Breakfast - omelet with onions and peppers
Lunch - spinach and mixed greens salad with 4oz steelhead salmon
Snack - 3 tsp almond butter
Dinner - 2 tsp almond butter

Saturday, 10/27
Workout - 7am with Jim, mobility with Dave
PICTURE with Nancy
Brunch - Bloody Mary, el diablo omelet with no fruit, potatoes or toast. Could only drink about 1/4 of the Bloody Mary.
Lunch/snack - summer sausage, almond butter
Dinner - chili, wine, a few mini Hershey bars :(

Sunday, 10/28
Breakfast - made my own Chili con Queso - leftover lamb burger, pace picante sauce and goat cheese crumbles, heated up in the skillet. And a few almonds
Lunch - Omelet with onions, a few slices of summer sausage, the last of the goat cheese crumbles
Snack at a party -- a glass of champagne and several hands full of candy corn :(
Workout - 5pm with Steve, did "Frelen" -- Take Fran, augment with a little Helen = Frelen.
Dinner - lamb-balls with peas, onions and ginger. Chick peas in indian spices.

I think I'll declare tonight the end of my Paleo challenge. Start - 190 lbs, Finish - 175 lbs

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