Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strategic overfeeding

Duncan mentioned to me "strategic overfeeding" as a way to lose more fat. What this means is once a week eating a bunch of carbs, so that the body continues to produce leptins which help burn fat. If one goes on a long term diet, the body will see that as a bad thing and stop producing leptins and start storing all the fat it can, as a survival technique. It takes one week of dieting for leptin production to decrease. So, the idea of this (also called "cheat your way thin") is that if you cheat one day a week, your body will not resist the dieting.

Anyway, today I had two pieces of french toast with maple syrup for lunch, along with hummus and pita. This afternoon I had a cookie too. We will see what the damage from today is, and whether it will be more than overcompensated by the fat/weight I lose the rest of the week.

For the fullness of the food log, I also had a 3 egg feta omelet, several beef sticks, an atkins bar and a couple cups of blueberries/strawberries throughout today.

One other interesting note. We are entering allergy season, and I haven't had any allergy problems (Stuffy nose, congestion) yet, aside from a little bit of itchy eyes. Today, I ate carbs, and I have some congestion. Not bad enough to have to use my nasal spray, but it seems worse than the past few days. If it clears up after a couple no carb days, I am going to start believing that paleo actually helps sinusitis.

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