Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recovering from binge day

Saturday I weighed in at 167.5 and then had my "After" picture taken after the 7 mile run. I then proceeded to begin undoing all the good I had done. Pancakes and maple syrup at ihop, then in the evening pizza, a half bottle of wine, and then cake and then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for Oreo ice cream with marshmallows, caramel and cookie dough. By Monday morning, I weighed 172+, up five pounds. Yikes!

So I got back on the straight and narrow starting Sunday actually. Eggs, summer sausage or other good protein for breakfast. Along with a cup of blueberries and 6 almonds. This is a 2 block meal. I found that I could get below 14 blocks for the day without trying very hard. Two blocks for breakfast, 2-3 for lunch, 2 for snack and 4 for dinner, brought me in at 11 or so.

I tried Tandoori chicken, a couple cups of strawberries and some quac one day for lunch. Today, I had a spicy tuna hand roll, hold the rice, and a couple orders of sashimi at the company cafe. I forgot to eat carbs, so I walked over to whole foods in the afternoon and got a package of mixed berries, and ate half of it. I was back to 169.5 by this morning and hope to get to 169 tomorrow morning. That's a good platform to start knocking off the next 10 lbs or so. Goal: six pack abs. It may take more than 10 lbs, but next stop is 160, and getting under 20% fat. I am at 22% fat, which is 36 lbs, but that's not so bad, considering I was at 40 lbs fat a few weeks ago.

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