Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeling a bit fat tonight...

Tonight's dinner was about 4oz of grass-fed angus beef, ny strip. We had salad with kalamata olives, various berries (although mostly strawberries), and I grabbed a handful -- around 6 -- wasabi-coated almonds to get the fat content up.

I weighed myself afterwards at 172.6, ugh! But I could be up to 3 lbs lighter in the morning, so hope to come in below 170 in the morning. I hope this "cheat your way thin" thing really works, and I'm not just slowing myself down when eating carbs.

As an aside, I was working on muscle up progressions this morning, based on some videos I saw on youtube. I'm thinking that maybe I'm strong enough but not coordinated enough...although maybe I'm neither. I certainly haven't spent enough time rolling my arms out, which isn't helping. So I'm starting to use the pain ball on my biceps and triceps. Will that help? I don't know, but it probably won't hurt!

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