Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Leaning challenge, week 3

Bacon and omelet, kiwi smoothie
Chicken biryani
Several diet cokes
Various bites of lamb and chicken curries

Bacon and omelet
Indian Bento box
Several diet cokes
Various lamb dishes

Omelet and bacon, strawberry smoothie
Several diet cokes
Indian Bento box
Various lamb and Paneer dishes

Omelet and bacon, strawberry smoothie
Jogan Rosh and Paneer something
Lamb in some kind of sauce

Was on a plane all day
Three packages of beef jerky and one protein bar, and an apple
BBQ Chicken, onions and peppers, bowl of blueberries, and a few bites of ice cream

El Diablo omelet, and 5 slices of bacon
Baked chicken, cauliflower, small square of chocolate

Protein powder and blueberry smoothie
Manchego goat cheese
Paneer, taro chips, steak tartare

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