Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lots of parties this weekend!

Started the day out strong with two hours of crossfit with dave. First hour was hip mobility and the second we did tumbling, rope pull ups and 30 second handstands x8 rounds. 4 min total is a lot of handstands, even against the wall.

For lunch, I had a half pound burger at hale's and followed it up with a snack of summer sausage, protein drink (just one scoop) and a bowl of blueberries. Total protein so far of 80g.
I took Elijah to a bday party and had little mini tacos in corn tortillas, which my gluten free app tells me were compliant. Also was able to avoid eating the cheese which was on the table.

We had folks over for an early chanukah celebration. We had potato latkes and my wife made me a special batch with no matzo meal (which has gluten), so I made it through the night clean on that one. I was able to eat about 10 chunks of deep fried beef with Lysander's rub. Not sure how much protein each was, but I doubt I made it to 100g from the fried beef. I had a 1 scoop glass of Protein shake [12g] before the party which helped with the total protein for the day.

Unfortunately, a friend brought a bag of ghirardelli milk chocolate peppermint bark, and as the evening proceeded and my inhibitions were lowered by our libations, I succumbed to the Peppermint Bark. It didn't break "Rule 1" which is no Gluten, but it broke the no dairy rule. I think this is recoverable.

Interestingly enough, I went to the doctor for the follow up visit on Monday, 12/5 and started the diet on Tuesday, 12/6. I weighed in on 12/6 at 184.2 with 52.6lb body fat, and this morning I weighed in at 186.1 with 49.2 lbs body fat. This is of course according to a body fat scale which is notoriously poor for getting the body fat right. But, it is cause for cautious optimism. Of course, now that I have written this down, I'm sure that things will go sideways tomorrow.

This morning, I started the day with a bowl of blueberries, 3 oz of sweet potato (raw, sliced), 5 oz of summer sausage [20g] and 6 turkey sausage sticks [16g]. (And gave the last two pieces of peppermint bark to the kids so I didn't eat them)

The rest of the day was a pretty big fail. I had some more summer sausage [12g?] at midday, and then went to another kid's birthday party. The only thing to eat there (besides cake, sun chips and string cheese which are verboten) was grapes. I had a few of those. I had a glass of 1 scoop protein [12g] when we got home, and then two turkey patties [16gx2] and another glass of protein shake [12g].

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