Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 2 of the reformation

Skipped the gym this morning, because I'm trying to get my shoulder well. It's starting to feel better, but I think I may take tomorrow off and see if I can get it nailed.
Started the morning with about 2oz of summer sausage [8g] and a bowl of blueberries.
For lunch, I did well - went to the Garage Cafe for a Grass Fed double burger, hold the bun [56g protein]. Instead of fries today, I got autumn seasonal vegetable medley, which included brussel sprouts, squash, carrots, kale (I think), and onions. They had chimichurri sauce for the meat, and I got them to put it on my veggies instead. Yum!
Tomorrow my beef jerky from Steve's Club should arrive, and my new protein "unsweetened" protein powder. I will see if the unsweetened powder doesn't have xylitol, which may mean I can eat more of it without digestive problems. Tonight, Jen is cooking Steaks that we got from Amazon Fresh. The brand is "NW Grass Fed Beef" so I think that they should be good for me!

This afternoon, I did a search on Amazon for "non-dairy protein bar" and found several results, including the Clif Builder bar. It turns out that the Clif builder bar is available about 100 feet away from me at the vending machine, so I went and tried it. It has [20g] of protein, but a lot of it is soy based, which my stomach didn't seem to handle well. I may try it one more time tomorrow, and see how it goes. there were a couple others on Amazon which were soy, gluten, dairy free which might be another option.

For dinner, I had Jen's leftover steak, about 4oz [28g] plus two turkey sausages [20g], some salad with vinaigrette and goat cheese crumbles, and slices of sweet potato (about 2oz?).

I'm heading over to the gym for Military Press this evening after dinner, then I'm planning on having a Steve's Club beef jerky [28g] for an after workout meal.

Total for today will be:
8+56+20+28+20+28 = 56+56+48 = 160g protein for the day.

Started the day with Steve's beef jerky [28g] and a bowl of blueberries for breakfast.
Lunch was a 1/3 lb burger [42g?] and some fries.

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