Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 5 of Strict Paleo

Following the return from Chelan, where I broke my 27 days of alcohol abstinence, I weighed in at 182.2 Tuesday morning, down about 8.5 lbs from 4 weeks ago, and up a bit from my lowest weight of the month. I'm back on my normal schedule, starting with an omelet and bacon for breakfast. I went to lunch at Portage Bay Cafe, but didn't have the corned beef hash. Had a walnut salad topped with a piece of smoked salmon, strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. In the afternoon, I ate a Nugo Organic bar AND a Builder's Bar. I had both of these partly because I was still hungry and partly because I wanted to have enough calories/carbs in me for my workout with Steve in the evening.

Evening workout started with Bent Over Rows (3x10-12) super setted with Barbell Walking lunges (3x10-12 per leg). Weights were 20, 40, 45kg. Then we got to the fun part of the evening. Every 90 seconds: 4 Hang Power Clean (60kg), 8 air squats, 12 KB swings (24kg). .If you finish in less than 90 seconds, you get to rest for the remaining time. I did the first round in 43 seconds, and was able to maintain/beat that time in each successive round (11 rounds). the last round I did in about 38 seconds. Pretty happy with myself, assuming that this wasn't too easy of a workout. Steve said we are striving for consistency so I feel good about that.
After my workout, I had my egg protein powder shake mixed in Almond Milk rather than water. It was pretty yummy, although it didn't mix as well as it did in water or coconut milk. I think that this is a keeper though. For dinner, we had steak (I only had about 2-3oz since my shake filled me up) and broccoli/cauliflower.
I did 3x15 OHS with the PVC pipe after dinner. It's getting easier each time, and takes less warm up than it used to.

Weighed in at 180.8 (10 lbs down!) There is definitely a correlation between eating a small dinner and the morning weigh in, at least in the short term. Had an omelet for breakfast, a salad with salmon for lunch and a leftover omelet packed with veggies, meat, and topped with cheese, as well as a bowl of blueberries.
Did 3x15 OHS with the PVC again after dinner.

Started the day with usual bacon and eggs. Eating lunch out at Mio Sushi - Two spicy tuna rolls, with Tamari Gluten Free Soy sauce. More rice carbs than I would like, but I am working out tonight so it's not terrible to have some extra energy. In the afternoon, I was going to grab a Builder's bar from the vending machine, but didn't get a chance to. Worked out with Steve in the evening. Did some presses, rowing and airdyne. Finished the evening with 3 sets of 2 rope climbs. My technique is actually getting much better (thanks Steve!) so it was pretty easy. Looking forward to knocking out sets of 5 at a time. When I got home, I had an egg protein shake with almond milk and some blueberries. Had a couple tsps of Almond Butter  before bed, and then again in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. :( Also had some intestinal distress, wondering whether it was from the shake with no other food... This was the first night in several where I didn't sleep through the night, so wondering if it was because I didn't eat enough after working out.

My calendar was clear today, so I was able to sleep in, take the day off and get a nap in the middle of the day. I didn't have breakfast, and had leftover steak from Tuesday for lunch, along with a bowl (1/4 cup) of blueberries. Went to massage with Marin, where she also made me do headstands (I'm getting much better!) Afterwards, I went to the juice bar and got something called the attitude cleanse, which has beets, carrots, ginger, cayenne and other stuff run through the vitamix juicer and straight into my cup. Yum and healthy!
For dinner, we had stew with beef, onions, carrots and parsnips. Gluten free flour thickener. And Cauliflower cheese bake with soy-based cream cheese, some sheep parmesan, and cow cheddar melted on top.
Finished the evening with 3x15 OHS for dessert!
Later in the evening, I had some beef jerky and a bowl of blueberries...not quite enough at dinner.

Went to the gym for an all day workshop on "movement." The first two sessions were on handstands and hanging, as well as some tips on squatting. They recommend squatting for 30 minutes per day! For food, I had some summer sausage and blueberries for breakfast, an uncured, grassfed hot dog for lunch, and for dinner I went to Staple and Fancy with some friends. There were many courses of veggies, and a braised beef short rib. All Paleo, until we got to the cheesecake for dessert :( And 3-4 glasses of wine. So I guess we'll chalk this up to a cheat day!

I snacked throughout the day on summer sausage, blueberries, almond butter, deviled eggs and a protein shake in almond milk. For dinner, having a ceasar salad with sheep parmesan and no croutons, and some beef jerky.
The other big achievement of the day was accumulating 30 minutes squatting. The folks from our workshop yesterday suggested 30 minutes/day of squatting for 30 days, so 1 day down.

Omelet and bacon for breakfast
Steak salad at cuoco (hold the croutons!) for lunch
Drank three Gin and Tonics at the bar, along with three plates of tuna-stuffed peppers appetizers. This made for dinner.

Omelet and bacon for breakfast
Salmon salad at the cafeteria for lunch
Nugo organic bar for snack in the afternoon.
Worked out this evening with Steve - Trap Bar DL and rowing, 4 sets. Wide Grip DL and Airdyne, 4 sets, L sit Situps, 3 sets.
Dinner - Ribeye steak, pureed cauliflower, and Broccoli and Cheese.

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