Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jim's new food program!

Jim made me a new eating program. The headline is: Eat more and eat more consistently!
He said I'm not getting nearly enough carbs, or protein, or even fat! I need to be more consistent and have all three of these at every meal. Plus add in some more vitamins: a multivitamin, vitamin D, more Fish Oil, more magnesium, probiotics, and on and on!

So, I came home for dinner Tuesday, 8/12, and had:
Protein: 3 Applegate Organic hot dogs (24g protein)
Carbs: 1 onion, sauteed in walnut oil plus half handful of blueberries
Fat: above mentioned saute oil plus 10 almonds.
Also had a couple tsp of almond butter before bed.

Wednesday, 8/13
Morning Supplements: Vitamin D, 4 Fish Oil,
Breakfast: 3 egg scramble with one bell pepper and one small onion sauteed in walnut oil, and 14 almonds. Also 1 candy fruit slice.

Big giant bowl of salad, including spinach, mixed greens, onions, pickled onions, bell peppers, asparagus, squash, feta cheese, eggs, bacon crumbles, 4oz salmon and balsamic vinaigrette.

1 hamburger patty, plus Elijah's leftover (5oz total?), a little mayo on top
about 10 grapes, lettuce and cabbage salad with tortilla chips,

Total of about 100oz of water. Not quite enough...
Night supplements: 3 ZMA, 4 Fish Oil, 1 Curcumin, 1 Melatonin

Thursday, 8/14
Morning Supplements: Vitamin D, 4 fish oil, 1 tsp of CALM Magnesium in water
Breakfast: 14 almonds, 1/3 sweet potato, 3 egg omelet and 3 slices of bacon
Lunch: Steak Salad
Snack: Pack of Justin's almond butter, small bag of kettle brand potato chips, 1-2oz of trail mix
Dinner: 2 4oz hamburger patties, 1/3 sweet potato dipped in goat cheese and olive oil appetizer, 1 candy fruit slice, about 10 grapes
About 100oz of water, maybe a bit more
Night Supplements: 4 fish oil, 3 ZMA, 1 curcumin

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