Monday, April 2, 2012

Paleo Challenge, week 2!

Not such a good start to week 2.
Breakfast: Builder's bar (gluten and dairy free, but has soy) from vending machine at work.
Lunch: Chili (gluten free)
Snack: Another Builder's bar from vending machine
Dinner: Turkey burger, leftover ceasar salad and some new salad with goat cheese crumbles and raspberry vinaigrette and a couple slices of summer sausages.
Dessert: small bowl of blueberries.

Breakfast: Again, a builder's bar.
Lunch: Corned Beef Hash and eggs. Gluten and dairy free, but it had some taters and other root vegetables in the hash.
Afternoon snack: Builder's bar
Dinner: Chicken cooked in the crock pot with carrots and celery, plus asparagus
Dessert: three bowls of blueberries.

Breakfast: Several slices of summer sausage and two eggs: up.
Lunch: Fajitas, hold the carbs
Snack: builders bar and dark chocolate - 70%
Dinner: Three glasses of wine, some slices of summer sausage and blueberries

Breakfast: Peppers and onions omelet
Snack: Builder's bar
Lunch: Burger, hold the bun, plus sauteed veggies
Dinner: two slices of muenster cheese (my wife left it out, so I had to eat it!) and about an oz of summer sausage. Plus two hebrew national kosher hot dogs.

Breakfast: Peppers and onions omelet
Snack: Builder's bar
Lunch: Salad with chicken
Snack: Builder's bar
Dinner: Went to Linda's market kitchen and had a beet and shallot salad, halibut crusted with sheep's milk cheese and rice krispies, and creme brulee. Several glasses of wine.

Breakfast: Hebrew National hotdogs in an omelet.
Lunch: Corned Beef Hash with two eggs up.
Dinner: Seder! Eggs, gluten free matzah, charoset, brisket, lemon pie with rice krispy treat crust, sweet potato dish, and roasted veggies.

Post-workout brunch: Left over brisket and glass of crystal light, two hot dogs and some goat cheese.
Afternoon snack: Lots of peeps! and a glass of crystal light, and a couple slices of muenster
Dinner: 1 hot dog with mayo, some goat cheese,

Note to self: My sinus allergies have been really bad today. I'm crediting that with the dairy that I ate on Friday night (Creme Brulee) and the couple slices of muenster cow cheese that I ate today. Also, Peeps say on the package that they are gluten free, but may contain milk. Weird.

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