Monday, April 16, 2012

Food log week 4, going on vacation

We are on vacation this week, as it's Toby's spring break. I got to sleep in this morning and go to Jim's mobility class today at 9. It was pretty fun, we did "climbing." Start below the bar, swing your legs up and get above the bar. Harder than it seems. This afternoon we're heading to Chelan for the week for a relaxing week of nothing...hopefully in the sun. Our packing list started with 2 ipads, 2 kindle fires, 2 iphones, a Wii, and a Roku. I hope we'll do a little something that doesn't involve screens. I think I will take a kettle bell and some running shoes and see if that helps.
Post workout breakfast: started out with about 2 oz of summer sausage, fried in the skillet. Used the grease from this to saute half an onion and a whole green pepper along with some ground red pepper and salt, and threw in 3 eggs for an omelet. Yum! This may end up being lunch too!
Trip to Chelan: had some beef jerky and diet coke from the gas station. No allergens listed on the beef jerky package, and soy sauce wasn't in the ingredients list, so hoping there was no gluten in it.
Dinner: Fajitas - Steak, peppers, onions, guacamole.

Breakfast: Omelet with a sauteed green pepper
Lunch: snacked around the house - dried pineapple, fruit and nut bar.
Dinner: Chicken wings with buffalo hot sauce and celery (no blue cheese)

Breakfast:Omelet with green pepper
Lunch: Omelet with peppers, onions, capers. Had dessert of lemon meringue pie but avoided the crust. (Bad!)
Dinner: Steak fajitas again.

Breakfast: Found a cafe that made gluten/dairy/soy/nut free crepes, and had mine with salami, goat cheese, peppers, onions, lots of good stuff
Lunch: Snacked on dried pineapple and organic "bars" from the cafe during the drive home
Dinner: 2 hebrew national hot dogs

Breakfast: peppers and onion omelet at work
Lunch: Builder's bar from the vending machine
Dinner: thinly cut steak cooked in gluten free flour breading. Salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Went to Crossfit for two hours (yay!)
Post-workout: had an omelet with goat cheese and sauteed onion
Dinner: foraged in the cupboard, found some gluten free pretzels and finished the dried pineapple

Breakfast: omelet with goat cheese
Lunch: two hebrew national hot dogs
Dinner: Anahola Granola bar, which is gluten free but has lots of bad stuff including butter and honey, but oh so yummy. Also some more gluten free pretzels

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