Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paleo challenge, week 3

Monday: Crappy allergenic day today! The poor diet over the weekend really hurt me today, as I was sniffling and sneezing all day. I am blaming on the dairy I ate over the weekend. I hope to get on the straight and narrow  for the next few days and have my allergies recede.
Breakfast: peppers and onion omelet
Snack: Builder's bar
Lunch: sauteed veggies and roasted chicken
Snack: 70% chocolate bar
Dinner: carne asada sandwich, hold the cheese and bun, with lime-cilantro aioli, and ceasar salad hold the croutons and parmesan
So not super-straight and narrow, but no dairy.

Breakfast: Omelet
Lunch: at the airport, burger no bun, and pickles and onions. And a side salad of basically lettuce with italian dressing.
Dinner: With my team on the road, couldn't have meatballs with red sauce, or pasta, or little quesadilla things. I ended up eating a piece of chicken and some salad. and a few glasses of wine.
Dessert: a few more glasses of wine

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tabasco sauce. No veggies to be seen at the hotel buffet.
Lunch: Chicken ceasar salad with the croutons pulled off. Got a little parmesan but not too bad.
Dinner: One mushroom stuffed with goat cheese, with what looked like crumbs on the top (boo) for appetizer, then beef, onions and peppers, and guacamole for dinner. Several glasses of wine.

Breakfast at the airport: Jumbo Wagyu beef Hot dog with onions and peppers, dried fruit mix and almonds.
Lunch: Builder's bar
Dinner: 8oz Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin and some broccolini
Dessert: Mini kosher-for-passover fruit slices (boo)

Breakfast: Builder's bar at work
Lunch: Mixed greens and spinach salad with peppers and onions, and steelhead filet topper.
Snack: a couple glasses of wine
Dinner: Paleo potluck at the gym - several pieces of chicken in tamari sauce, and I accidentally had some cow cheese feta which I thought was sheep's milk

Post-workout breakfast: Pan-fried summer sausage and a couple slices of sweet potato
Lunch: Went to agua verde and had steak/peppers/onions tacos, hold the tortillas. I asked them to hold the cotija cheese as well,but they forgot. I scraped most of it off, but still got some. Also had a side of quac and some salsa.
Snacks: more summer sausage
Dinner: Salad with vinaigrette and goat cheese, and tea eggs (leftovers from Paleo potluck, thanks Dora!)

Sunday: missed the workout because I was so sore from yesterday's leg burner.
Breakfast: Pan-fried summer sausage, and three slices of sweet potato fried in the grease from the summer sausage, along with salt and crushed red pepper. Yum.
Lunch. More summer sausage.
Dinner: Grassfed beef from Amazon Fresh, and a salad with raspberry vinaigrette, goat cheese crumbles, and capers (yum)

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