Monday, September 17, 2012

Paleo Challenge, v4, week 2 food log

Monday, 9/17
Breakfast -- Chicken italian sausage, 4.75oz, 3 tsp organic peanut butter
Snack -- 1 cup frozen blueberries. 1 tsp organic peanut butter, 2oz organic beef jerky
Lunch - veggie omelet (spinach and mushrooms), 11 sweet potato tots (the restaurant says there is no breading/gluten on them, it's hard to tell) dipped in chipotle aioli
Dinner -- 4.75oz chicken italian sausage, 1tsp organic peanut butter, 1 tsp mayo, 2oz of sweet potato, 1 lemon's worth of juice squeezed into my water, and 1 slice of apple without honey (for Rosh Hashanah)

Tuesday, 9/18
Breakfast - Onion omelet, made with walnut oil, 2tsp organic peanut butter
Lunch - Portage Bay Cafe, some kind of spicy beef hash. They left the potatoes out, so it was beef, onions, and peppers sauteed and then two eggs on top. Yum! But probably two meals worth of food at least.
Snack - one piece of beef jerky
Dinner - backed way off on dinner. 3oz (2 blocks) of sweet potatoes, half a chicken sausage, and 1 tsp of organic PB
Post-dinner Crossfit, 8pm with Steve!
Post-workout -- 1tsp of organic peanut butter and two glasses of lemon water

Wednesday, 9/19
Breakfast - Intermittent fasting, skipped breakfast
Lunch - Spinach and mixed greens salad, with onions, peppers, sheep feta, hard boiled egg, 6oz steelhead salmon and herb vinaigrette dressing. 9 almonds.
Snack - 6 almonds, 3oz beef jerky
Dinner - One chicken sausage, 2tsp organic peanut butter, salad with peppercorn blackberry vinaigrette (some sugar in this) and grated goat cheese, and 3oz sweet potato
Dessert - 8pm Crossfit with Mike!
Post workout snack -- 1oz organic beef jerky, 2 tsp organic peanut butter

Thursday, 9/20
Breakfast - Peppers and onions omelet
Snack - Going with a Cheat day snack, since my weight loss has started to plateau. Two top pot donuts! Plus one organic beef stick at the Farmer's market outside work. Plus a diet coke (booo)
Lunch - Spinach and mixed greens salad, with usual condiments
Snack - Chicken Spiedini at Cuoco plus a diet coke (booo)
Snack - 2tsp peanut butter
8pm Crossfit with Steve. My ass was dragging. Shorter time on handstand than everyone, less weight on deadlift, less weight on wod, and slower on the double unders. Maybe the diet is catching up with me.
Dinner - two hebrew national hotdogs (100g total) with about a tsp of mayo, 4oz sweet potato, about 2tsp of peanut butter

Friday, 9/21
Breakfast - 2oz sweet potato, 2 tsp peanut butter, Hebrew national hot dog and a tsp of mayo
Headed for the airport now. Gonna have to stay focused this weekend. Good news is I am going to two new crossfits in phx this weekend!
Second breakfast - peppers and onion scramble at the airport, diet coke
Lunch - flat iron steak salad topped with salsa
Crossfit with Annelisa at core crossfit in Phoenix
Dinner - flat iron steak with double seasonal veggies and a Caesar salad hold the croutons and Parmesan.

Sunday, 9/22
Early morning mobility class at core crossfit
Breakfast - omelet with peppers, onions and jalapeño. 1 sausage link, 3 pieces bacon. Two diet cokes
Lunch - lamb kebab with some lettuce and some sort of dressing. 1/4 cup-ish Hummus. 2 diet cokes. Feeling a little sluggish this afternoon, maybe due to diet cokes?
Dinner - hummus on veggies, Caesar salad without croutons or Parmesan, beef filet, and asparagus

Sunday, 9/23
Breakfast - peppers, onions, jalapeño omelet, a few mixed berries, 1 sausage link, 1 strip of bacon
Lunch - Vienna beef hotdog, mustard and a few onions
Snack - 14 almonds and ~4oz beef jerky, 2 oz sweet potato
Pre-workout snack - a couple oz of sweet potato
Workout - 6pm with Steve!
Dinner - Omelet with half an onion and a couple oz of sweet potato, sauteed in walnut oil, 2tsp peanut butter

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