Monday, September 24, 2012

Paleo challenge, v4, Week 3 food log

Monday, 9/24
Breakfast - Onions and peppers omelet
Lunch - Sliced turkey and mayo, Tuna salad, onions (basically a make your own sandwich lunch at work, hold the cheese and bread)
Snacks - about 14 almonds, give or take, and a gluten free, dairy free, soy bar from the vending machine
Dinner - 1.5oz summer sausage, pan fried and dipped in ~1tsp mayo. Omelet cooked in summer sausage grease and a bit of walnut oil, with sauteed onions and salsa.
No crossfit tonight, too tired. :(
Snack - 3 slices (1/2oz?) of summer sausage with a tsp of salsa on each, and 2tsp of peanut butter

Tuesday, 9/25
Breakfast - Onions and peppers omelet
Lunch - Big bowl of chili
Snacks - 2x Organic bar from the vending machine.
Dinner - omelet with onions, sweet potato, salsa and three slices of summer sausage

Wednesday, 9/26
Yom Kippur so fasted all day.
Dinner - Gyros, peppers stuffed with feta and olives, a few sautéed peppers and onions and a little of my wife's hummus.
Dessert - 1 cup of blueberries and 2tsp organic almond butter.
Workout - 8pm with Mike, Tabata x4!
Post-workout snack - 8 slices of summer sausage, pan fried dipped in mayo and ~2oz of sweet potato

Thursday, 9/27
Breakfast - several slices (2oz?) of summer sausage, 2tsp almond butter
Long airplane ride
Afternoon snack -11 almonds, 2.5oz beef jerky
Workout at hyperfit USA in Ann arbor, Julie foucher's gym
Dinner - deviled eggs, chicken stuffed with duck sausage

Friday, 9/28
Lunch - ~4oz ribeye, diet coke, sautéed greens (probably chard)
Workout at Oakland county crossfit
Dinner - half slab of buffalo ribs with jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Two glasses of wine
Dessert - many glasses of wine

Saturday, 9/29
Breakfast - two Kind nut and fruit bars
Lunch - 2oz of beef jerky and a handful of cashews and almonds.
Dinner - went to a wedding. beef with chimmichurri sauce, salad, lots of wine.
Dessert - 6 pieces of candy corn, one small carrot cake cupcake with frosting, more wine and a 40 ouncer of "Steel Reserve 211" while sitting around the bonfire.

Sunday, 9/30
Woke up with a stuffy nose from my gluten-filled 40 ouncer.
Breakfast - omelet with peppers and onions and three pieces of bacon
Lunch - 1oz of beef jerky and a handful of almonds
Snack - Philly cheese steak on the plane, hold the bread.
Another snack - ~1 cup of blueberries, a couple oz of sliced summer sausage with pace picante salsa and a few slices of sweet potato
Dinner - after snacking for the previous hour, for dinner I had a few more slices of summer sausage, pan fried, dipped in mayo. Then sauteed some onions and through in picante sauce for a little super salsa. Finished off with a slice of goat cheese and a tsp of almond butter.

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