Monday, November 19, 2012

Food and workout log, 11/19-11/25

Monday, 11/19
Breakfast - trying Leangains skip breakfast plan
Lunch - the biggest salad ever - Spinach, mixed greens, sheep feta, eggs, squash, onions, peppers, jalapenos, and 6oz of salmon. Couldn't even finish it.
Snack - Nugo organic bar
Dinner - 5 oz turkey sausage, with mayo.
Workout - personal training with Steve
Workout - Squats and Linda aka "3 bars of death" I have been pretty sore ever since (And it's Wednesday now). It also coincides with running out of Proanax.
Post workout meal - 6oz sweet potato, 2.5 oz salami with mayo, 3 eggs, salsa, jalapeño

Tuesday, 11/20
Rest Day
Lunch - big salad, heavy on feta. 3 salmon
~20 almonds
Snack - nugo organic
Dinner - steak w parsley and sautéed chard, ceasar salad. 1 glass of wine

Wednesday, 11/21
Rest Day - but went to Rolfing with Jim Allbaugh. He released my pleural (lung) adhesion and then spent a lot of time on my IT band and glutes. Will be good to see what comes of it. He recommends not going to all out at Crossfit following a session, because your body rearranges itself and it can cause one to be uncoordinated. So will try to take it easy tomorrow. Although it will be hard because I'm going to try to attend Steve and Jim's 8am Level 2 class.
Lunch - Steak Fajitas with guacamole, and a ceasar salad, and 3 tsp almond butter
Dinner - 2oz Summer sausage, fried, dipped in mayo. Omelet with Salsa, jalapenos, 1oz goat cheese. 3 tsp organic almond butter
Started taking Proanax Genesis again tonight, along with turmeric and the other stuff I take. It will be interesting to see if I get sore after the workout tomorrow. Because I went for a few weeks not getting sore while I was taking both Curcumin (Turmeric) and Proanax. I ran out this weekend, and was sore in the traps after Saturday's Max weight Clean and Jerks, and sore in the chest and generally all over after Monday's "3 bars of death"

Thursday, 11/22
Big workout from Jim and Steve

40KB (28)

19Clean and Jerks (50kg)
Partnercarry - Two partners lift a barbell (50kg) and the third hangs from it.

33Wall Balls

33calorie row


12Front Squats, 8 front squats


RackHold - partner one does a rack hold WHILE
PartnerCarry (x3) - partner 2 carries partner 3 down to the end of gym and back

Post workout breakfast 10am - 2oz of summer sausage, 5 oz sweet potato, 2 oz chicken sausage, 1/2 onion (5oz), salsa, jalapeños omelet
Thanksgiving dinner - One big turkey drumstick, several scoops of mashed sweet potatoes, a couple bites of stuffing (boo!) and one bite of pumpkin pie before my wife told me that it has lots of milk in it. And dessert was a rice krispy treat (yummy!)

Black Friday, 11/23
Up early and at work monitoring our systems. The cafe isn't open today, but that's ok because I am still doing the intermittent fasting so I don't need breakfast. :)
Lunch - fell hard off the wagon. We had pizza at work but I limited myself to two pieces, then went to lunch and had a brisket salad and about a cup of guacamole. Them came back and had four more pieces of pepperoni pizza. Boo!
Dinner - turkey leg with mayo, 2 tsp almond butter, 1 scoop mashed sweet potato

Saturday, 11/24
Got up early and went to Jim's 7am class - workout was 10 rounds of:
20 double unders (I did 5 double unders and 20 singles)
10 Wall Balls (20 lb ball)
2 Muscle ups (I used black band)
Then rowed for 32 minutes (about 5.3k) and did some handstands
Post workout - Waited til 11 and had 2oz of summer sausage, fried, with mayo. Omelet with 1/2 onion, salsa, goat cheese (1oz?) and jalapenos. 2 scoops of mashed sweet potato.
Lunch - about 1:30, went to Hale's and had El Diablo omelet and a mimosa.
Dinner - 3oz beef jerky, 2-3 oz of leftover tuna with mayo and jalapenos. 1/2 cup or so of mashed sweet potato reheated, and 5 tsp of almond butter.

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