Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food and workout log, 11/25-12/1

Sunday, 11/25
Workout - 9am with Andy.
Floor press 5x5. Final set I did 100kg x 1 rep, PR!
Workout was Man makers and Pull-ups: 10-8-6-4-2, 8:16
Extra credit: Wendler Deadlifts Cycle 2, week 1, finished with 120kg x 7 reps
Post Workout meal (11am)- 2oz summer sausage with 1 tsp mayo, 3-4 tsp almond butter, 4oz sweet potato, Plant protein shake (23g protein)
Lunch (2:30) out to red robin with the family. Double burger (5.5oz), no bun, with a thousand island-like dressing. Subbed steamed broccoli for fries. Diet coke
Dinner (6:00) - 4oz or so of turkey, with 1+ tsp mayo, ~20 asparagus spears, broiled.
Dessert (7:30) - 3 tsp almond butter

Ugh -- I got behind on my logging, so I'm going to do this by memory...I am into week 2 of trying to do Intermittent fasting. Week one actually went pretty well, I was down from 175 to 172.4 on Friday, and then the infamous pizza debacle at work. I was back on straight and narrow for the weekend, and on Cyber Monday, 11/26 -- I was committed, but then one of my buddies brought Top Pot donuts to the "war room" at work, and I ate not 1, not 2, but 3 donuts! And it was only about 10am, so that killed IF for the day.
I then had a salad with salmon at lunch in the cafe, and I don't remember what I had for dinner. Meat, a little veggies and some almond butter probably.

Tuesday, 11/27
Lunch in the cafeteria, and I think a Nugo bar in the afternoon to tide me over. Then dinner at Wild Ginger, which consisted of a glass of Spanish champagne, a tuna appetizer with coconut milk-based sauce, panang curry, and one more thing that I can't remember. (I really need to stay on top of this better)

Wednesday, 11/28
Lunch in the cafeteria (which always consists of spinach/mixed green salad, sheep feta, some egg, onions and peppers, herb vinaigrette and 6oz of fish)
Dinner - Jen was out so I had almond butter - 6 tsp, sweet potato (3oz), summer sausage (3oz)
Workout - Standard crossfit, no main lift - finished with muscle up on overhead rings (first ever)
PWO - a little salami and sweet potato, but not much

Thursday, 11/29
Lunch - Big meal at Portage Bay - Root veggie hash, with corned beef and scrambled eggs (GF)
Snack - Nugo organic bar, and 4 jelly bellies
Dinner - 2 chicken sausages (~5oz) and 1 cup blueberries
Workout - PT with Steve, including some handstands but nothing extraordinary. Tried kicking up with no spot, didn't work too well. Wendler, Cycle 2, Week 1 Squats - Finished with 115kg x 5
PWO - 2oz sweet potato, 2oz summer sausage

Friday, 11/30
Rest day!
Pre-lunch Snack (11:15) - Builder's bar from the vending machine
Lunch (noon) - Steak salad (no cheese, no croutons)
Snack - Nugo bar and 12 almonds
Snack - 4 glasses of wine
Dinner - 2 fried eggs and four sausage patties (maybe 1oz each?)

Saturday, 12/1
Workout 1 (9am)- Work up to heavy front squats set of 5 (80kg). Take 60% of that (48kg). Row 1000m and then with the rest of the 12 minute time do thrusters with 48kg. I think I did 43.
Workout 2 (10am) - mobility class with Dave - we spent most of the class, following warmup, doing the beginning and ends of skin the cat, just pulling ourselves off the floor. Super setted with 6 V-ups.
Brunch (11:30) - Diablo omelet at Hale's, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages, and sauteed veggies on the side. One bloody mary and a diet coke.
Nap! (1)
Snack (4pm) - 2oz summer sausage, fried, with 1 tsp Mayo, 3 tsp almond butter, 2oz or so of sweet potato

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