Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nutritional consult

Following the Paleo Challenge, I've been hovering around 175 lbs for the past 2.5 weeks. I decided to get some help from a professional dietitian and crossfit trainer, Jess Mullen ( I met her for an hour in the evening, armed with my food log, food allergy test, and list of supplements I'm taking. I also brought along the wrapper of the "Nugo Organic" bar that is in the vending machine at work

She had some great advice:
1) Although I'm doing a ton of crossfit exercise, I'm not doing any cardio. I could benefit from 30-60 min of low intensity cardio 3-4x/week to burn some extra calories. Slow jogging, speed walking or rowing (not the high intensity rowing we do at CF!)
2) Increase meal sizes and cut out in between meal snacks. For breakfast, have 5-6 blocks of protein rather than just three egg omelet, and increase fat intake as well. Veggies can stay the same or decrease. For lunch, again increase the protein to 6-8oz of meat/fish and increase the feta on my salad. Veggies can say the same. 
Dinner looks good, leave it like it is. Also, it's ok to have a protein shake and some almond butter for post-workout snack in the evening. 
3) Reduce the amount of summer sausage I take in from 2 snacks or meals/day to one. 
4) Did I mention run some more?

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