Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring 14 leaning challenge, week 5

Monday, 4/21
Bacon and Eggs

Salad with 4oz salmon

Nugo Organic bar

4oz steak

Tuesday, 4/22
Bacon and Eggs
Cup of Chili
Chicken sausage and sauteed onion
Home made Carrot and Pineapple juice in the Vitamix
Two tsp almond butter
Bowl of blueberries

Wednesday, 4/23
Bacon and Eggs
Cup of chili
Nugo Organic bar
2 tsp almond butter
2 chicken sausages, with sauteed onions and peppers
Bowl of blueberries

Thursday, 4/24
Bacon and Eggs
Spinach salad with 4oz salmon
Steak fajitas, hold the tortillas, rice, beans and dairy.  2 margaritas

Friday, 4/25
Bacon and Eggs
Salmini and almond butter
Nugo Organic bar
Grassfed ribeye steak, mixed berries, 2 glasses wine

Saturday, 4/26
Bacon and Eggs
Leftover ribeye, bowl of blueberries

Sunday, 4/27
Several slices of summer sausage
2 glasses of almond milk
Package of peeps!
Grassfed beef short ribs (very fatty!)
2 Tsps almond butter

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