Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring 14 Paleo Challenge, Week 6

Monday, 4/28
Bacon and Eggs
Nugo Organic bar
Kalbi skirt steak and snow peas
Gluten free pizza with pepperoni, goat cheese, onions, peppers

Tuesday, 4/29
Bacon and Eggs
Nugo Organic bar
Steak salad, no croutons or parmesan
Nugo Organic bar
Steak fajitas, hold the carbs and dairy

Wednesday, 4/30
Bacon and eggs
Spinach Salad
Ribeye steak and Broccoli
Bowl of blueberries

Thursday, 5/1
Bacon and eggs
Steak salad (hold the croutons and parmesan cheese)
Training with Zack after work
Egg protein shake, summer sausage
Bowl of blueberries

Friday, 5/2
Bacon and eggs
Nugo Organic bar
Builders bar
Diet coke (boo!)
Paleo meatballs in red sauce, cauliflower
Ginger molasses gluten free cookies

Saturday, 5/3
Mobility class with Zack in the morning (30 min squat challenge!)
El Diablo omelet at Hale's
Snack on summer sausage and sheep cheese throughout the afternoon
Leftover paleo meatballs

Sunday, 5/4
Summer sausage snacking throughout the day
Mixed Berries with Whip Cream
Ginger molasses gluten free cookie
Baked Chicken with spices, ceasar salad

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