Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bad Night

Yesterday, I started off the day well with two eggs, sunny side up, cooked in ex-virgin olive oil.
Lunch was the usual at whole foods.

Dinner, I went out with a friend for dinner and drinks.  Was good during dinner, ate just a steak salad at palace kitchen.  was very good.  Then we had a couple more glasses of wine and another guy showed up.  I ate some of his fries, then ordered some more fries.  Bad Dave!  Also ordered some sort of tuna appetizer, which was less bad.  Up one pound this morning.
Gonna try to xfit tonight as penance.  But may just go to bed early.

Missed Xfit, went to see my boy pass his karate test (yay!), and then had chicken wings and ceasar salad at the pizza place.  I think that these are ok, but they are probably not the highest quality meat!

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