Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 2 of the Paleo diet

Started the morning with a smoothie at the Custom Smoothie shop down the street from work.  I have started getting good at ordering Paleo/Elimination/Low Carb.  I get a Strawberry Nana smoothie, with Hemp milk (they don't have coconut milk), no sugar, whey protein and I think they throw in some strawberry fruit juice sometimes.  I make them leave out the sugar, real milk, and anything else sweet.  I have to check with Jess on whether Whey protein is ok.  The lady at the smoothie shop says it's animal protein, so I need to verify.

Lunch -- had lunch down at my old building at the Market Fresh salad bar.  Definitely not as good as the Whole Foods salad bar.  But not so bad.  Had spinach salad with onions and peppers, threw in some cooked salmon and hard boiled eggs.  Sriracha hot sauce and Balsamic vinaigrette. I need to check also whether Balsamic vinaigrette is ok.  I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but Firefox corrected me to this, so blame it on them if I didn't.

Dinner -- Jen buys this marinated steak from the Fred Meyer.  It's pretty good, but a little sweet kind of like teriyaki.  So maybe a little sugar in the marinade and I don't know the quality of the beef.  Also, I finished off the peas in the bowl, and on the kids's plates.  I've never had the need to finish peas before.

Also, I went to evening crossfit this evening (I usually go in the morning).  I clean and jerked 60kg, military pressed 54kg x3, and one of the instructors said that I looked like I'm losing weight.

And I lost my ID at work, and I have the choice to get a new picture or keep the old.  I was 28, weighed 190 and had hair when it was taken.  I'm now 40, shaved head and 185 (although probably with more muscle).  I want to wait a month and see how much more I lean out and then take the picture!

Oh, one more thing to admit...I had a couple Old Wisconsin Beef Sticks before Xfit, and another couple after dinner.  They are low carb (less than 1g carb), but probably don't meet the "food quality" test.  I'm guessing the beef sticks aren't made from grass-fed beef!

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