Sunday, January 23, 2011

A few bad days

It's sunday morning, and I'm up 2.5 pounds from my low on Thursday and Friday morning.  I think it is temporary setback, but I have been doing bad stuff.

All of my actual meals continue to be low carb and healthy...either beef summer sausage (not great quality beef, but at least no carbs) or cage-free eggs for breakfast.  I went to a pizza place friday for lunch, and ate a kale salad, and just had one small piece of my colleague's pizza.  Dinner I even did well, having steak both nights.  On Saturday, had chimichurri sauce on the steak...yum.

But both nights I had several glasses of wine.  Friday I went out with a friend after dinner, and had almost a bottle of champagne, which is bad in itself.  But it led me to order a pizza near the end of the night. I ate half the pizza there, and then carried out the rest at midnight.  I had one piece in the morning, then through the rest in the compost bin. 

Saturday night, I went to some friends's house and we had red wine, and then quesadillas for appetizers.  Dairy and grain in the tortilla.  I ate a bunch of that, and then the steak and chimichurri.  Steak and chimichurri is actually very paleo, but I ate a ton of it. 

My big lesson -- stay away from the wine, because it is bad and makes me do things I wouldn't otherwise do...lots of people learn that lesson in college, I am relearning it now.

I did go to crossfit yesterday morning, and did kettlebell clean and jerks, and will go this morning for the crossfit class, followed by yoga.  So that may slightly temper my badness. 

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