Monday, January 17, 2011

It's been over a week I think

My weight history on "the google 15" somehow disappeared, but I think I'm down about 2 lbs over the last week, which is about the same pace I've been on for the last 10-12 weeks, with the exception of when I went to europe for a week.  That slowed things down a bit.

Today, I had two "Al Fresco" brand chicken sausages for dinner.  Lunch was spinach salad with onions, back to balsamic vinaigrette, with a scoop of guac and a piece of tandoori chicken.  Also a few oz of pulled chicken from the whole foods lunch bar.  Breakfast was a strawberry-nana smoothie, with no cal powdered milk and whey protein.  I think I've earned a free smoothie at the smoothie shop.

I'm going to the xfit tomorrow morning, then for personal training wednesday morning with dave at the xfit.  Today, I had to take off.  Too many sore parts.  I've been using a lacrosse ball at home to "roll out" some of the soreness in my glutes and in my shoulders.  It actually helps a lot, although it is painful.

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