Sunday, March 13, 2011

The leaning challenge starts tomorrow

Starting the Paleo Leaning challenge tomorrow. You have 7 weeks to tighten up your body, lose fat, etc.  They take before and after pictures and then they judge each contestant to see who has made the most improvement.  Everyone puts in $30, and the winner takes the kitty.

I actually think I started yesterday, since I took my before pictures Friday.  I went to the bar Friday afternoon and drank water, and then went to a bday party and drank water there Saturday night.  They had lamb and beef skewers which were completely paleo-compliant, and I had some goat cheese appetizer on celery.  Not quite paleo compliant (dairy not allowed), but was Atkins compliant. 

Today I ate:
Slices of salami/summer sausage
Atkins bars -- low carb, but they have nuts and now they are making them with sugar alcohols. Lots of fiber too.
For Dinner, we had "atkins pizza."  No dough, lots of cheese, pepperoni and jalapenos.

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