Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday is my day off from crossfit, so got to sleep in til 7.  You'd think I would be well rested, but tired all day.  Now I am up late at night, not being able to sleep although I went to bed at 8:30.  I hope the paleo isn't making me tired.

Food log:
Breakfast: 2 beef sticks and an Atkins bar
Lunch: Whole foods salad, with 2 eggs and guac
Afternoon snack: 2 beef sticks and an atkins bar
Dinner: 10 spears of asparagus with salt, and a hunk of carne asada, around 4oz.
Late evening snack: 2 beef sticks and an atkins bar (damn sleeplessness!)

Got up this morning and was back down to 176.6, even though I had the midnight snack.
Tired this afternoon and evening, hoping I'll be able to sleep well tonight.

Breakfast: Atkins bar and two beef sticks.
Lunch: Salad bar down at the other work building Market Fresh.  not nearly as good as Whole Foods.  Threw in some salmon and eggs, rather than usual hard boiled eggs at MF, and no guac!
Dinner: Atkins bar, four beef sticks, and a piece of asada that was left over from last night.

Now gonna try to get to sleep, and hopefully will be down to 176 in the morning (/crossing fingers)

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