Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday morning, 1 week in to the Paleo challenge

Last night we went with friends to the Chile Pepper.  They had beer and wine (x3), my wife had a margarita (actually 2), and I had a pitcher of water.
I ordered the Carne Asada hold the beans, rice and gave away the enchilada with mole sauce that came with it.  So I had a slab of spice-rubbed beef.  And for appetizer, I had queso fundido, hold the tortilla.  Yum!

This morning, I got up at 7:30 and weighed in at 176.6 with 42.6lbs of fat.  this is down from 181.7 and 45.3lbs of fast when I weighed in and took my "before" pictures 8 days ago.  So good progress for the first week.
I went to 8am Crossfit class where the workout of the day was 21 KB swings (20kg), 250m row, then slam balls (40lbs) AMRAP in 3 min.  So it took around 1:45 to finish the KB swings and row, so just over a minute of slam balls.  Then the whole thing x3, with six minutes rest in between so your partners could do it.

anyway, pretty complex, but when you lift a 40lb medicine ball above your head and slam it down on the ground 20x in a row, that takes something out of you!
For breakfast, 2 beef sticks and an atkins bar. My wife got some thai chili pepper tuna salad for me.  But I had a few bites and then looked at the ingredients.  There are 18g of sugar in the tin.  I probably had 6 of those grams before I realized. Argh.
Not as bad as donuts though!

Lunch was Hebrew National Jumbo hot dog.
afternoon snack was an atkins bar and two pieces of cheddar cheese.
Dinner was some lettuce salad with vinaigrette, and a chicken sausage from whole foods.  I ended up eating a couple beef sticks after dinner, later in the evening.  boo.

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