Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday and Sunday morning!

Saturday I had my normal weekend fare --
Atkins bar and some beef sticks in the morning for breakfast.

Snacked on beef sticks throughout the day, and one string cheese stick.
Dinner was leftover buffalo meatloaf with mayo and some salad with vinaigrette.

Sunday morning I started off with a crossfit workout which culminated in 15 tuck jumps plus 15 situps x9. Then did a bonus Farmer's Walk with Dora, Sherry and Erica. Erica and Sherry carried the reds, and I carried the greens, so I have resolved to carry reds next week!

Upon returning home, I found the kitchen alive with my wife cooking cinnamon rolls (cinnabon recipe) and hot dog pancakes for some friends. Aargh! She has promised to make me hot dog scrambled eggs. The jury is still out, but I will try to resist the carby goodness!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, my favorite!!

The good news is that she also made me some hot dog eggs:

So I was able to make it through breakfast relatively unscathed. I had one fingerful of frosting and once bite of cinnamon roll.  (This was to help spike blood sugar and get all that good protein into my muscles.)

So total breakfast was:
1 atkins bar, 3 beef sticks, roughly 3 scrambled eggs and a jumbo hebrew national hot dog, 1 bite of cinnamon roll, and a finger swipe of frosting from the bowl.  Hopefully the leftovers will go quickly into the compost or my resolve may crumble.

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