Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, Week 4

Good news this morning. I weighed in at 174.5, my lowest weight in years. Adding in those veggies seem to be helping! I'm taking the day off work, so I am going to Crossfit this morning at the luxurious hour of 9am. I may even have breakfast before I go, to see if I perform better with carbies in the system, or whether I throw up. :)
I sauteed a whole onion and a whole red pepper in olive oil, and had one egg and six slices of turkey bacon for protein. A few cashews (9?) for fat.
Lunch - Don't really remember, I was kind of snacking throughout the day. :(
Dinner - Crossfit Potluck at the new Gym! I had some duck that Wen brough and some chicken salad-type stuff. Also grazed on celery and carrots and had several spears of pickled asparagus.

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