Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 4, Thursday

Trying to pack in the veggies --
Breakfast - three left over meatballs (2oz), plus four beef sticks (2oz) + I sliced up a whole onion and a whole red bell pepper and sauteed in olive oil. Ate 2 cups for breakfast (about half) and saved the other half for later.

Lunch -- I went over to whole foods to make a spinach salad. I got a quarter pound of beef brisket and about a quarter pound of grilled veggies in addition to the salad. I finished those off, then started on the salad, but was unable to finish the salad. I ate the quac to get my fat intake for the meal. I will try to finish off the salad for snack this afternooon.

Dinner -- two pieces of chicken adobe (made with splenda brown sugar), 14 spears of asparagus with a few dollops of butter, and some more of my left over spinach salad. Still probably not enough veggies, but trying to keep it up there.

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