Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 4, Monday and Tuesday

Week 4 was not good to me. I gained two pounds, not what I was hoping for.
I decided to retrench and asked Scott and Nat for help. They suggested I mix Paleo with the Zone diet, which helps you adjust portion size.

What I learned is this: I don't eat nearly enough vegetables! I eat about the right amount of protein -- 4oz of meat (an egg counts as 1 oz) or so per meal. Roughly 3 tbsp of Guac or 9 cashews is about right for fat content. So I am actually pretty good on those two. But to get the right amount of vegetables, I would have to eat 16 cups of spinach, or 2 cups of cooked onions, or 4 cups of cooked butternut squash, or 14 asparagus spears, or some combination. At every meal! That's a lot of veggies.

so now to my food log.

Breakfast - Atkins Bar and two beef sticks (before I turned over my new leaf)
Lunch - Two eggs, two buffalo-style chicken wings, what I estimated was around 3 tbsp of guac, and then filled the salad box with lettuce, onions and carrots.
Dinner - Two eggs, sunny side up. four slices of turkey bacon (around 2 oz I think). Then I cut up a whole onion, sauteed it and threw in some spaghetti squash cubes that were in the freezer. I ate two cups of that combination.

Breakfast - 3/4 of left over chicken sausage (I think this is about 3oz) and the leftover onions and squash (about 1 cup).
Lunch - 3 kobe beef sliders, sans bun. A plateful of Ceasar salad, sans croutons. Unfortunately I couldn't measure the portions, but the sliders were probably about an ounce each, and the salad was a 3-4 cups. Not nearly enough veggies. :(
Dinner - 2 beef sticks (1/2 oz each), 4.5 meatballs, a couple cups of salad with a little feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette, and about 10 baby carrots

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